Biden Hails Jobs Report

John Semmens

Though the number of new jobs created during December fell 50% short of what his economists had been predicting, President Biden hailed the figures as “evidence of the progress we have been making to transform our economy because fewer people feel compelled to work for a living. Record numbers of Americans are just plain quitting their jobs. This firmly corresponds to the Democratic Party’s goal of eliminating the necessity of work for as many people as possible.”

“Economists recognize that from an individual perspective work is a disutility,” Biden observed. “What this means is that leisure is preferred over work. Critics who are lambasting what they call ‘a failed economic policy’ overlook this key point. Any suffering that might result is the fault of the Republicans and Sen. Manchin for refusing to enact my ‘Build Back Better’ legislation. Sculpting a social structure where the majority can live without having to work is an ideal that has been lusted after for thousands of years. The fact that my Administration is now so close to attaining this cherished goal should be acknowledged as one of the greatest accomplishments of government in the history of the world.”

CNN’s Brian Stelter echoed Biden’s message and pointed out that “unemployment fell from 4.2% in November to 3.9% in December. This reflects a situation indicating that fewer people want or need jobs in the new economy the Democrats are fostering. On a personal level, I have always enjoyed my leisure time more than my time working. The Build Back Better bill is a heroic and magnanimous effort on the part of the progressives who now firmly control the federal government. Shame on those who opposed it.”

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