Obama Declares “Our Democracy Is at Greater Risk than Ever”

By: John Semmens

In honor of the January 6 incursion into the Capitol, Former President Barack Obama released a statement asserting that “one year ago a violent attack on our Capitol made it clear just how fragile the American experiment in democracy really is. In the November 2020 election more than 81 million votes were cast for Joe Biden. Rather than accepting this ringing endorsement for the person voters wanted to rule them for the next four years, Republicans are still working to torpedo his agenda.”

“As the last year has demonstrated, the average American has supported the President by obeying his request that they get vaccinated for the good of the nation,” Obama pointed out. “They have joined in the effort to shame those who stubbornly resist being unified into the collective whole. They have supported proposals to sanction nonconformists by firing them from their jobs, barring them from public places, and confiscating their property. Despite this evidence of success, President Biden has been frightened into declaring that ‘there is no federal solution to the covid pandemic.’ This is the position former President Trump took during 2020 and a significant reason for his defeat at the polls.”

“Now is not the time to back away from destiny,” Obama advised. “Backing down now will only encourage further resistance from the enemies of progress. President Biden is the Commander-in-Chief of America. He has vast forces awaiting his order to punish those who promote disunity. The fact that there has been no significant protest against holding dozens of January 6th arrestees without bail and denying them the speedy trials promised in the 6th Amendment shows that the vast majority of Americans are on his side. So, I say to my old friend Joe, don’t let the bastards up. Tighten your choke hold on the country until everyone gets in line with your agenda and the world will thank you for saving democracy from its enemies.”

Contrary to Obama’s interpretation, a recent CBS News poll showed that 76% of respondents rejected the “insurrection” narrative explanation for the January 6 Capitol incursion and saw it as “a protest that became a riot.” The fact that not a single person arrested for the January 6 riot has been charged with insurrection seems a pretty clear indication that there are no grounds for such a charge no matter how ardently Democrats may wish for it.

In related news, Gov. Jay Inslee (D-Wash) has proposed legislation that would “make it illegal to challenge an election’s results once the media has declared a winner. Peaceful acceptance of election results is what differentiates democracy from authoritarian regimes. If we don’t put a damper on post-election criticism of the winners democracy can’t survive. I understand some being disappointed in the outcome, but for unity’s sake it is crucial that this disappointment not be made public. Punishing those who can’t bring themselves to congratulate and support the winners is the best way I know for quelling negative thoughts.”

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