Biden Spends 27% of His Time Vacationing

By: John Semmens

Since his inauguration President Biden has spent 95 of his 348 days in office on vacation. That’s 27%. A normal working person who gets two weeks of vacation a year spends about 4% of his time on vacation. Critics have cited Biden’s excessive time off work as a factor in major policy failures in Afghanistan and on the Mexican border.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said “it doesn’t matter how much of his time he spends on the job because the American people voted for him to be their president and he is their president 100% of the time no matter what he’s doing. In his own mind he feels overworked. He says we we never give him any free time or any time to think.”

One of the things he is reported to be thinking about is whether he should “green light” a proposed drone strike on Indian drug maker Dr Reddy’s Laboratories because it is poised to manufacture a generic version of Merck’s antiviral COVID-19 pill, molnupiravir, and price it at $0.47 per capsule—making a five-day course of 40 capsules sell for under $20. Biden called this “unfair. Merck invested millions to produce its pill. It needs to charge $700 for its course of treatment. Flooding the world with a cheap generic drug will cost this great American firm billions of dollars. Such economic piracy should not go unpunished.” There is a relevant precedent. President Clinton ordered an aspirin factory in Sudan bombed in 1998 to divert attention from his pending impeachment for lying under oath about his illicit sexual relationship with 22-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

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