Biden Urges States & Businesses to Ignore Supreme Court

By John Semmens

While many on the right are calling the Supreme Court’s ruling that President Biden’s attempt to compel businesses to force employees to get vaccinated is unconstitutional a victory for personal freedom, the White House doesn’t agree.

Presidential Press Secretary Jen Psaki explained that “the President is going to channel his inner Andrew Jackson and ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling. As he sees it, the Supreme Court has its opinion and he has his own. He has no obligation to support its ruling, especially where the nation’s health is at stake. He has ordered businesses to proceed with the implementation of his vaccine mandate as both a demonstration of their obedience to his authority and their commitment to unity. Concurrently he has told the states to go forward with whatever anti-virus measures they deem appropriate under the powers reserved to them by the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution.”

Taking a page from the way Obamacare was upheld by the Court, Biden’s staff is working on a plan to convert the vaccine mandate into a tax. Psaki observed that “while OSHA has limited powers, the government has an unlimited power to levy a tax. The feeling is that if the President would reword his order along the lines of the Obamacare law’s fine for persons who refuse to buy health insurance by mandating a fine for refusing to get vaccinated the Court would be obliged to rule the mandate constitutional, just as Chief Justice Roberts ruled a few years ago by calling the Obamacare fine a tax and thereby rendering it invulnerable to future challenges.”

Biden’s confidence in this ploy was bolstered by a Rasmussen poll showing that 78% of Democrats favor harsh measures to punish both those who won’t get vaccinated and those who criticize the government’s covid policies. Democrats favor fining those who refuse the jabs and incarcerating those who criticize the government’s policies.

In related news, Quebec Premier François Legault’s impatience with the 10% of the province’s population that hasn’t been vaccinated has inspired him to propose levying “a crippling tax on vaccine refusers. This selfish minority must be brought into compliance by any means necessary. If inflicting bankruptcy on them fails to induce obedience we can always either forcibly inject them or confine them to quarantine work camps in the most inhospitable climates our province has to offer.”

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