U-Turn on Vaccine Passports

By: John Semmens

While the idea that governments should order people to take the covid shot and implement so-called vaccine passports as a means of breaking down resistance to injecting these experimental drugs into the bodies of those who don’t want them still holds sway in a lot of places, a few nations are backing away from this coercion. Just this week, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, and Israel announced changes in their covid strategy.

Inspired by a Tory Party member’s suggestion that he “in the name of God please go,” UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that “the measures we have taken over the past two years have worked. The covid virus is fading and we can now phase out the most severe of our restrictions including the vaccine passports and mask mandates by March 24.”

A sharper u-turn was implemented in the Czech Republic. In early December 2021, the government led by Prime Minister Andrej Babis ordered everyone age 60 and over as well as medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and medical students to get vaccinated by March 2022. Ten weeks ago elections were won by a five-party coalition led by new Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Public protests helped persuade the new government to rescind Babis’ order. “We’ve agreed that vaccination won’t be mandatory.”

In Israel, Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman called for an end to the vaccine passport, saying “there is no medical or epidemiological logic in the Green Pass. There is, however, damage to the economy, to daily operations and a not insignificant contribution to daily panic among the public.”

Meanwhile in the US, Presidential Press Secretary Jen Psaki asserted that “no such act of surrender is contemplated by the President. The people elected him to shut down the virus. The President emphatically disagrees with Gov. Polis (D-Col) who says ‘the medical emergency is over because of the vaccines.’ That is demonstrably untrue for two reasons. First, Dr. Fauci has assured the President that we are still in phase one of a five phase pandemic. Second, will will not be able to exit from phase five until everyone is vaccinated. Only then can we restore individual freedom in this country for those who have been dutifully obedient during the pandemic.”

In related news, the FDA has extended the shelf life of the Pfizer covid vaccine. Psaki explained that “I’ve been told that the ‘use by dates’ set for various drugs and foods are a ploy to get folks to discard perfectly good products and have to buy newer versions of these same products. If all you’ve got is an ‘expired’ vial of vaccine don’t worry about it. Just scrape off the moldy parts to get to the good stuff underneath. Chances are good that injecting an ‘expired’ vaccine won’t kill you. Anyway, you’ll need the booster shot for your vaccine passport to be valid.”

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