Mayor Rebuffs Carlson’s Criticism

By: John Semmens

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pointed to the City of Baltimore’s under-performing public schools as a crucial factor in the City’s awful crime rate. “It’s because the schools are so bad that the hordes of young people exiting these schools are left without the knowledge and skills they should have been taught that so many end up committing crimes as a means of survival,” Carlson said. “Since many of these crimes are perpetrated against minorities this part of the community is doubly victimized.”

Mayor Brandon Scott (D) called Carlson’s remarks “racist vitriol. Carlson well knows that the ancestors of the blacks committing crimes were slaves. Slaves weren’t taught the skills or knowledge to succeed in the commercial world. Their descendants still suffer from the same handicap. It is the Democratic Party that has championed government welfare programs to offset the lack of knowledge and skills by ensuring that their needs can be met without having to earn their own living. It is right-wingers like Carlson who oppose this life-sustaining support.”

Scott blamed black-on-black crime “on the failure of the perpetrators to comprehend what the government has done for them and to allow greed and impatience to overtake good sense. Preying on members of their own race is not cool. If these criminals had any sense they’d be targeting the descendants of the people who oppressed their ancestors. These whites usually have more money to rob and warrant having to repay for the suffering their ancestors inflicted. The more effective way to accomplish the repayment of this old debt is to let the government do it. Government can take much larger amounts from white people and it’s all legal.”

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