Continued Covid Restrictions Vital to National Security

While governors of multiple states are decreeing the end of assorted covid mandates regarding masks, vaccines, and travel, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas warned that “now is no time to relax our vigilance. Requiring everyone to ‘mask up,’ and show their vaccine passports to travel or enter public buildings are mainstays of our effort to protect national security.”

“First, they serve as an early warning of trouble,” the Secretary argued. “Anyone one who isn’t wearing a mask is suspect. Anyone who doesn’t immediately put on a mask when ordered to do so is doubly suspect. The same goes for people who don’t have or won’t show their vaccine passport. Quickly identifying these dissenters and malcontents is a key to neutralizing them.”

“Second, the atmosphere of fear that has worked so well for building acceptance of the loss of some personal freedom needs to be sustained should harsher suppression of freedom become necessary,” Mayokas added. “There are too few police to monitor everyone, but the emergence of a greater willingness of neighbors to watch and inform on neighbors is an essential part of the transition to a total security society where the instinct to immediately believe and obey government authorities is everyone’s default setting.”

“The events in Canada where a so-called ‘freedom convoy’ is turning public opinion against the government’s efforts to protect them from covid is an example of what we don’t want to see happen here,” he warned. “The backtracking toward freedom that is insidiously arising threatens every advance we have made over the past two years. We must resist the siren song that would lure people to favor personal liberty over disciplined obedience. So, I’m urging us to hold the line and stay on the path to a new socially progressive world order.”

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