Canada Opts for Tyranny

By: John Semmens

Citing polls that show the majority of Canadians are opposed to the inconveniences resulting from the truckers’ peaceful demonstration against the government’s covid policies, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked the Emergency Powers Act “to meet this terrorist threat to my rule.” The Act passed in 1988 allows for widespread federal civil rights violations and permits the Prime Minister to run the country without consultation with or the approval of Parliament.

The first civil rights violation implemented at Trudeau’s behest was warrantless seizure of opponents’ assets. This includes not only the Trucks parked around Ottawa, but also the bank accounts of anyone known to have donated money to the cause or posted comments on social media in favor of the “Freedom Convoy.” Canada’s Justice Minister, David Lametti, emphasized that “we are especially on the lookout for bank accounts owned by Trump supporters. Dispossessing these fascists will go a long way toward restoring obedience to legitimate authority in our country.”

Also up for grabs are the children and pets of the demonstrators. Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson asserted that “bringing children and pets to an insurrection is dangerous and irresponsible. Removing these innocents from a potentially violent environment is our responsibility. The children can be placed in foster homes with more docile caretakers and the pets can be painlessly euthanized for their own protection.”

The Prime Minister’s characterization of his grasp for dictatorial power as “responsible leadership” elicited howls of laughter from many members of Parliament. Political commentator Bill Mahr said Trudeau’s rhetoric “sounds like Hitler.” The Canadian Civil Liberties Association called his actions “a threat to democracy and liberty.”

Trudeau rejected any criticism, saying “I am declaring that opposition to the government is now against the law. It is every patriot’s duty to follow whatever orders I give them until this crisis is over. I am the one who will decide when it is over. Anyone who fails to comply will be arrested and thrown into a cell with the crazed lunatic fringe who instigated this unauthorized demonstration for freedoms that cannot be allowed during the pandemic.”

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