Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

By: John Semmens

A study published in the highly respected journal Lancet compared vaccinated and unvaccinated people in Sweden. With a sample size of over a million test subjects, it found that the vaccines’ protection against symptomatic COVID-19 declined with time, such that by six months, some of the vaccinated groups were at greater risk than their unvaccinated peers. Some doctors are calling this condition in the repeatedly vaccinated “immune erosion” or “acquired immune deficiency.”

The mRNA covid vaccines instruct the recipient’s body to manufacture “spike proteins” that mimic those found in the coronavirus. This strategy provokes a narrow immunity to covid whose effectiveness is eroded when the virus mutates. This erosion of effectiveness has led to recommendations for repeat injections of the vaccines as so-called “booster shots,” turning patients into “vaccine addicts.” Since these boosters don’t stop those injected from growing colonies of the virus in their nasal cavities, the vaccinated become super spreaders of covid. On top of this, the vaccinated are 3.3 times more likely to become ill than the unvaccinated.

Former Pfizer Vice President Michael Yeadon called the research “unprecedented. The empirical data are very worrying. Rather than continuing the global experiment with inadequately tested vaccines, we need to start treating those with covid using known safe and effective drugs like antivirals, corticosteroids, and anti-inflammatories.”

Vaccine expert Dr. Anthony Fauci labeled the Lancet study “unauthorized and unapproved research. Stopping the vaccination program before everyone has been put into the recurring injection program threatens to undermine all we have sought to accomplish. The general public needs scientific certainty, not dueling theories. The only way that can be established is by having one universally recognized authority on what is and isn’t true about this virus. Unless a better authority can be found and designated by the President, that authority is me. All attempts to undermine my authority must be stamped out before irreparable harm is done.”

Meanwhile, an investigative journalist from James O’Keefe’s Veritas organization recorded FDA executive Christopher Cole on camera asserting that “Biden wants to inoculate as many people as possible, Schools are going to mandate it. The drug companies pay us hundreds of millions of dollars a year to hire and keep the reviewers to approve their products.”

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