Hillary Responds to Durham Allegations

By: John Semmens

This week, Special Prosecutor John Durham indicated that he is farther along on his investigation of the 2016 election crimes. He says the evidence proves that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign paid hackers to spy on Trump’s campaign.

Clinton mocked “this so-called scandal. The enemies who have schemed to deny me my turn to be president want voters to think that I did something illegal. Well, the fact is, all of the actions Durham characterizes as crimes were fully authorized by outgoing President Obama. He realized what a disaster it would be for the country to have an uncouth outsider invade the halls of government and agreed to assist me as the only viable way to stop Trump from overthrowing our democracy.”

“Someone once said ‘if the president does it, it’s not illegal.’” Clinton recalled. “That’s called ‘sovereign immunity.’ Well, in 2016 President Obama was our immune sovereign. He approved my intelligence gathering and sabotage plans. He even got the FBI to aid and abet my efforts. The sad thing is it would’ve worked if the government had the same level of control over what people could say on social media that it has had during the pandemic. The problem is these media weren’t yet ready to go whole hog on shutting off unpatriotic contradictions of the government’s dictates.”

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