Covid DNA Matches Moderna Patent

By: John Semmens

A new study, published in Frontiers in Virology found that the DNA of the coronavirus bears an uncanny resemblance to a genetic code patented by Moderna in 2016. This was prior to the pandemic. The researchers estimated the odds against this being an innocent coincidence are three trillion to one.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, foremost scientist in the world, insisted that “this proves nothing. One chance in three trillion is NOT zero. There are trillions of stars that are trillions of miles from Earth. On the trillions of planets that orbit these stars there are trillions of cells. Some of these cells may bear a resemblance to those in a product manufactured by Moderna. Does that prove that Moderna made them?”

“Hard as it may be for the average non-scientist to believe that gain-of-function research at a bioweapons lab wasn’t responsible for the creation of a virus that has killed millions, that is what they must learn to accept,” the Doctor argued. “To think otherwise would undermine everything we have done over the past two years to lead the human herd to safety. The notion that all the hardships inflicted by governments at the behest of the best scientists in the world were to further power lust and greed is too horrible to contemplate. That’s why one uniform message must be enforced by whatever means is necessary.”

In related news, it was discovered that the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been withholding a large portion of the data on covid and the vaccines. CDC spokeswoman Kristen Nordlund said “keeping this information under wraps was done out of concern for the mental health of the American people. Full transparency would have undermined faith in the actions the government took to fight the pandemic. If the lack of scientific validity for much of what was done combined with its ineffectiveness and danger had been widely known, the President’s leverage for achieving the unity he promised would’ve been severely curtailed.”

The American Federation of Government Employees cited “the CDC’s withholding of information and the fact that the vaccines simply don’t work,” in their lawsuit against Biden’s mandate that they must take the jab in order to keep their cushy government jobs. The Union’s Attorney Bruce Castor pointed out that “the latest data on infections shows that people who have gotten the shots are worse off than people who haven’t. They’re also more likely to infect others. It simply makes no sense for my clients to be forced to take these vaccines.”

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