Canadian Tyranny Inspires Arizona Democrat

By: John Semmens

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trial run for tyranny inspired Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) to call for its replication in the United States. “Confiscating the trucks and seizing the bank accounts of the unruly opponents of the government’s covid vaccine mandates was glorious,” he declared. “The efficiency of simply declaring an emergency opened up an opportunity to rule by decree, designate the offenders as outlaws and mete out punishment.”

“When you have no access to your money and the government takes the property you depend on to earn a living it has gone a long way toward neutralizing you and intimidating anyone else who might contemplate objecting to being told what to do,” the Congressman observed. “President Biden has declared a continuation of the covid emergency and now we see truckers trying to pull the same type of freedom convoy to DC to protest. Lets follow the Canadian model and crackdown on them.”

Gallego brushed off the contention that the crackdown he advocates violates rights explicitly protected in the Constitution, saying “they have a constitution in Canada and that didn’t stop Trudeau. Owning property, running a business, and earning a living are all privileges allowed by government in exchange for good behavior. Those who refuse to obey official mandates do not exhibit good behavior. They need to be taught a lesson to discourage others from defying authority.”

Gallego was encouraged by polls showing that 65% of Democrats approve of the type of oppression he advocates. “When we have the backing of a majority of the one true defender of democracy we shouldn’t shirk from the opportunity to exercise the power they have bestowed on us,” he said. “No one has the right to resist the government of, by, and for the people. Those who insist on doing it are insurrectionists who need to feel the weight of the state pressing down on them.”

In related news, Tamara Lich, one of the organizers of the Canadian protest, was denied bail. The “crime” of which she is accused is “counselling to commit mischief.” The judge who refused to allow her out on bail acknowledged that “mischief doesn’t sound so dire to the average person, but from the perspective of the government, there is more to be feared from a sincere opponent than a felonious criminal. The civilians robbed, raped, and murdered by thugs are expendable. The Prime Minister is not. Threats to his rule must be dealt with as harshly as he deems proper for safeguarding his authority.”

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