GOP Reps Told to “Shut Up”

By: John Semmens

During his State-of-the-Union speech, President Biden made yet another attempt to exploit the death of his “heroic” son Beau from brain cancer. Unlike his disgraced son Hunter who was discharged from the Navy for drug abuse, Beau was deployed to Iraq in 2008. In 2015 he died of brain cancer, which his father speculated may have been caused by exposure to toxic smoke from “burn pits.” The President’s intent was to show that he, too, has experience the pain of loss from a war.

This tale of woe marked the 1,000th time the President has referred to the loss of his son. During this rendition two Republican members of the House of Representatives–Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Lauren Boebert (CO)–interjected “what about the 13” who were killed in the President’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal. At this point, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) shouted back “shut up.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) praised Graham’s courage and wisdom, saying “he’s one of the few Republicans who understands the role required of a minority party and is willing to turn on his own Party’s members to enforce it. The President is the only one elected to speak for the whole nation. It is the obligation of everyone else to support and applaud what he has to say. That’s what unity means. Sadly, what we mostly get from the Republicans is unpatriotic opposition and terroristic obstruction from people like Greene and Boebert. I am confident that voters will rebuff these kinds of attacks by electing a Democratic majority to the House and Senate this Fall.”

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