Gross Violation of Human Rights”

By: John Semmens

The police-state inflicted on New Zealand by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received a severe rebuke from the country’s high court this week when Justice Francis Cooke ruled that “ordering people to be vaccinated or face losing their jobs was not a reasonably justified breach of the Bill of Rights. The mandate impinged on the basic right to decline a medical procedure.”

Cooke also observed that “inasmuch as the current situation is one in which those vaccinated are just as likely as those who are not to become infected with and transmit the latest variant of covid, there is no medical evidence to support a vaccination mandate. It is an infringement without practical value.”

Ardern is said to be perplexed by the ruling and uncertain on what to do next. “I’ve been proceeding on the assumption that restricting freedom is essential for the battle against this dread disease,” she asserted. “Left on their own, people engage in all sorts of unhealthy habits. The covid emergency gave the government leeway to interdict these behaviors. If we accept the court’s ruling as dispositive the anarchy of individual choice will prevent a unified front for imposing life-saving limits on the ignorant masses who depend on us to guide them to safety.”

Internationally recognized covid expert Dr. Anthony Fauci called the New Zealand court’s decision “a potential calamity of unconstrained magnitude. Individual freedom must take a backseat to public health. Courts do the people a disservice by contradicting the advice of experts and restraining the power of government to compel obedience to that advice. Allowing individuals to decide for themselves whether to receive inoculations prescribed for them by their governing authorities is a step backward from the new world order we have had so much success in promoting during the pandemic.”

Meanwhile, Democrats in California want to extend the abuse of power accumulated during the pandemic by passing two bills. AB1993 would require everyone holding a job—full or part time, public or private sector—to prove they’ve been vaccinated if they want to keep their job. AB 2098 would strip the medical licenses from any doctors who disagree with state-approved “facts” regarding covid vaccines or treatments. In separate action, Gov. Gavin Newsom is establishing a state agency “to work full time stifling any information contradicting the narrative surrounding covid and the vaccines. Others may welcome a return to the lax pre-covid era where people were free to make their own health choices. I am not.”

In related news, California has the lowest literacy rate of any state—a statistic that Newsom hailed as “a major contributor to our success as a political party.”

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