Gov Says His Dictatorial Rule Necessary

By: John Semmens

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee insists that “the continuation of my rule by emergency decree is necessary to prevent a coup by Trump and his right-wing extremist supporters. Only by ensuring that dictatorial powers remain in the hands of enlightened progressives like myself can democracy be saved from overthrow.”

Inslee cited “Trump’s encouragement of the development of covid vaccines via Operation Warp Speed is a prime example of the threat to democracy he poses. Sure, he helped make vaccines available, but he didn’t force everyone to get vaccinated. That task was left to the Democratic president who succeeded him. Eighty-one million voters chose Biden over Trump in 2020. Biden used this as a mandate to compel submission to being vaccinated. That is what democracy is all about—choosing a leader and then obeying his decrees. Well, voters also chose me. I won’t let them down.”

Washington House Minority Leader JT Wilcox contends that “Inslee’s demand that he be allowed to continue rule by decree is the antithesis of democracy. Democracy isn’t just the right to vote for a person to hold public office. It also includes basic freedoms like the freedom to disagree with the government without being persecuted by that government, the right to pursue happiness, and the liberty to to try to achieve it.”

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