NYC Mayor Calls for 50/50 Male/Female MLB

By: John Semmens

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has called for Major League Baseball to achieve a proportional representation of female players on each team. “It is a disgrace that baseball hasn’t accorded women a fair share of the roster slots,” Adams exclaimed. “It took them more than half a century to allow blacks to play in their leagues. Now it’s time they allowed women to play.”

The Mayor dismissed objections that women cannot compete on the same field as men. “This is simply not true,” he insisted. “Right now, our city softball leagues have coed teams. With a few similar modifications of the rules, MLB could easily achieve a similar result.” The most noticeable modification would be to install pop-up outfield fences that are 100 feet closer than the regular fences when females are batting.

Adams admitted that he can’t force other cities to adopt the same roster proportions of male and female players or the modifications that would make mixed gender play feasible, but asserted that “I can and will order the Yankees and Mets to do the right thing for games played in New York City. So, starting next year at least 50% of their players in home games must be female. Our City will blaze a new path toward equity in this great sport and inspire a nation to follow suit.”

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