It’s UnAmerican to Blame Biden

By: John Semmens

Rep. Kim Schrier (D-Wash) questioned the patriotism of those criticizing President Biden for the high price of gasoline, saying “it’s unAmerican to disagree with the President when there’s a war going on. Technically, we are not yet an acknowledged combatant in the Russia-Ukraine war, but that could change at any moment. The President says that rising gasoline prices are Putin’s fault. I think it is every American’s duty to not contradict him. Doing so gives aid and comfort to the enemy, which is called treason in the US Constitution—a crime punishable by death.”

Schrier cited the prosperity of the Trump Years as a “confounding factor. People got used to low prices and a robust economy where shoppers encountered fully stocked shelves. They came to think of this as normal. This nurtured a mentality where the notion that working for a living and buying whatever you wanted was considered a birth-right. Joe Biden was elected to change this. The new reality is that we can no longer afford this way of life.”

“Government must act to constrain America’s lifestyle,” she argued. “Earning money cannot be considered a carte blanche to spend it however you wish. It is government’s responsibility to determine what each person will be allowed to have. In most instances, this will mean having less. The President took executive action to initiate this transformation of how we live as soon as he was sworn in. One of the first things he did was cancel the Keystone Pipeline. This saved us from being inundated with nearly 900,000 gallons of oil per day. He also restricted new oil drilling leases. Naturally, these actions increased the price of gasoline. But unlike the price increases necessitated by Putin’s war, these were virtuous price increases for a good cause and people should joyfully pay them.”

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