Media Star Calls for Biden Dictatorship

By: John Semmens

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin advised her co-hosts of “The View” and the audience to support rule by executive decree. Guest-host Tara Setmayer objected “that’s not the way democracy works. Representatives of the people are elected to Congress. They have to be involved in the process of governing.”

Hostin insisted that “you can’t build consensus with crazy people. You can’t build consensus with insurrectionists. One-man rule is the only feasible way to move this country forward. I know what I’m saying sounds Stalinistic, but who can deny that his style of governing was successful? He transformed Russia from a bucolic backwater into an industrial giant, defeated the Nazis in WWII, and made his country into a super power. No single individual in any democracy has ever accomplished as much.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said “what you’re saying is that President Biden should be a dictator. That doesn’t seem right.”

“Our country is at a crucial crossroad where we must choose between what’s right and what’s necessary,” Hostin countered. “If we want to escape the electoral nightmare that the polls project we can’t afford to let our aims be thwarted by an idiotic insistence on abiding by democratic principles. We must act before Republicans gain power. The action we must take requires a temporary deviation from democracy. We saw how well this worked during the pandemic. We need the courage to learn from this example.”

In related news, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Americans “must be flexible enough to accept a more rigid type of totalitarian restrictions if government experts decide that they are needed to fight a resurgence of covid. I know it appears that the pandemic is waning, but it could be a ruse used by the virus to weaken our resolve. However, I am ever vigilant and will not hesitate to let the President know when it is time to tighten the screws against frivolous freedoms that endanger public health.”

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