Dems Call Parental Rights Law “Unfair”

Former Republican governor and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rep. Charlie Crist called Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law “unfair to homosexuals and transgenders. Barring the discussion of LGBTQ lifestyles in the early primary grades of public school impedes the propagation of these lifestyles. Gays and transsexuals cannot reproduce their own kind through the same methods of heterosexuals. Since they can’t inseminate each other they need to proselytize others to join them.”

“Human minds are most pliable at a younger age,” Christ pointed out. “Blocking access of those who could teach the joys of the LBGTQ way of life to five, six, seven and eight-year-olds greatly reduces the chances of making converts. It is a cruel blow to this social minority. I want this put upon minority to know that like President Biden, I too, see them and will be their advocate if I’m elected governor in this Fall’s election. I will restore their voice in the classroom because teaching about lifestyle options is more important than a dull curriculum of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic.”

In related news, the Disney Corporation vowed to do everything it could to overturn the Parental Rights law. One of its announced offensive fronts in the battle is a deterimination “to cram LGBTQ characters into every film, TV show, and theme park venue we can until public opinion turns firmly against so-called parental rights.”

Meanwhile, a Florida law mandating annual surveys of intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity on state college and university campuses is being challenged. Attorneys for the plaintiffs, including the United Faculty of Florida union, contend that allowing the surveys “threatens irreparable harm to the plaintiffs’ First Amendment rights to indoctrinate the students as they deem fit. To insist that diversity of viewpoints, ideology, or philosophy must be permitted is tantamount to insisting that wrong thinking must be allowed. The faculty and administration are the most qualified judges of which ideas merit being heard. The legislature should not be allowed to intrude in the process.”

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