Disney Corp Defiant

By: John Semmens

Amidst polls showing that nearly 70% of Americans are appalled by the Disney Corporation’s sharp turn to the left, the Company says “we will not be deterred by the forces of ignorance and prejudice. It is long past due that the LGBTQ community receive the acceptance that is proper in our modern society. The message that no one need be forced to endure the fate of an arbitrary assignment of gender rendered at birth is too important to be muted. Bringing this message to five-year-olds via school lessons will continue to be reinforced through our children’s programming.”

Roy Disney, grandnephew of Walt Disney, professed that he and his wife “were heartbroken when Gov. DeSantis signed the dangerous ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ law in Florida. Our daughter Charlee is transgender and never had a visible role-model growing up. A law making it illegal to indoctrinate students from kindergarten to third grade in the joys of sexual fluidity and the population control potentials of transgenderism and anal sex. We are heartened to see that the Disney Corporation is taking proactive steps to fill this vital information gap.”

Disney CEO Bob Chapek expressed confidence that “we can easily weather an American boycott because we have two big things going for us. In the near term we expect our growing share of the Chinese market for our products will offset the loss of American customers. Longer term, we anticipate that the cohort of children already exposed to our LGBTQ themes will exert pressure on their parents to let them have our products and failing that bringing their own children back to us a decade or two down the road.”

Perhaps Chapek’s optimism might be dimmed a bit by the Chinese government’s demand that Warner Brothers cut the gay scenes and dialog from its film The Secrets of Dumbledore. A Company spokesman explained that “the rulers of a country have a right to protect their people from content they regard as perverted. We accommodated that right in order to be able to show our film there.” He differentiated this from acceding to requests from Christians in America who find this content repugnant by tersely pointing out that “so far, America’s government supports this type of content. President Biden is a big supporter of LGBTQ.”

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