Bill Expands Opportunity to Terminate Unwanted Babies

By: John Semmens

While a majority of people support limitations on the practice of killing unwanted babies, California Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) wants to extend legal abortion to the perinatal stage of life, a period than spans the last 14 weeks of pregnancy to the end of the  first week of life. If passed, the bill would immunize any person involved from both criminal and civil liability for the death of the child.

Wicks explained the post birth option to terminate the life of the child as “basic consumer protection. No one should be forced to keep an unwanted child. Infringing on the freedom to rid oneself of an unsatisfactory burden is the worst sort of oppression.”

She rebuffed “the false solution of adoption once the birth has occurred” calling it “a formula for future disaster. As we all know, adopted children suffer the hurt of feeling rejected by their birth parents. My bill would spare them this pain. Likewise, it would alleviate the fear of a birth parent of being stalked and confronted by the child they abandoned decades before. Persons who don’t want to be parents need the quick and final solution my legislation would provide.”

Meanwhile at the federal level, the Biden Administration Department of Justice warned states that any laws enacted to prevent parents from having a child sexually mutilated “are unconstitutional.” As Kristen Clarke, the assistant attorney general for civil rights, put it “the right of a parent to have a child of a sex they prefer must not be infringed by state laws. Since intercourse only gives a 50/50 chance of meeting that preference, the option for a post-birth adjustment is their basic human right.” Clarke concluded by oddly referring to the mutilations as “gender-affirming care.”

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