Feds Complain About Busing Illegals to DC

By: John Semmens

Fed up with the Biden Administration failure to stem the tide of illegal immigrants flooding into Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott authorized a plan to put them on buses bound for Washington, DC. “President Biden invited them to come to America,” he said. “If these immigrants would like to go to our Capital to seek the benefits he promised we’ll pay their bus fare.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus called Abbott’s plan “unfair. Just because some immigrants want to come to DC doesn’t mean that we want them there. The Governor needs to seek our permission before he tries a cockamamie scheme of his own.”

Abbott dismissed Magnus’ complaint, calling it “hypocritical. The feds have already done more than their share of busing illegal immigrants to cities and states around the nation without giving any advance notice, much less seeking an agreement from receiving mayors and governors. In fact, they’ve gone to extra effort to conceal what they are doing by using red-eye charter flights that drop their passengers off in the wee hours of the morning to minimize potential witnesses. I’ve been much more open about what I’m doing.”

Magnus was unmoved by the Governor’s comparison, saying “we’re the feds. We are the supreme law of the land. Whatever we do is legal regardless of whether it makes him or anyone else happy. If he doesn’t fall in line we could have him indicted for smuggling illegals into DC. That might dim his reelection bid. Remember Gov, actions have consequences.”

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