Musk Ownership of Twitter Called Dangerous

Tesla and Space-X multi-billionaire Elon Musk’s efforts to buy Twitter were labeled “dangerous” by Democrat genius Robert Reich. “Musk’s plan to allow the unfiltered expression of deviant ideas on Twitter should he seize control of the company threatens the unity we have only recently achieved through the repudiation of Trump and the election of Biden to the presidency.”

“Right now Twitter is operated by an elite of the correct-thinking oligarchy,” Reich said. “In order for truth to prevail bad speech must be censored so that good speech is not buried under piles of lies. This oligarchy has assiduously protected its users from being exposed to unauthorized information and dissenting viewpoints. Musk would turn it into a cacophony of discordant and opposing opinions. This would give equal treatment for the espousal of wrong thought and lead to the restoration of the kind of freedom of speech that we worked so hard to defeat during the pandemic.”

“The prime evidence of Musk’s evil intentions is demonstrated by his appeal to shareholders’ greed,” Reich complained. “By offering them a premium price for their stock he undermines the public service ethos of Twitter’s existing managers. Fortunately, that management has enacted a ‘poison pill’ that dilute the value of the existing stock and thwart Musk’s hope that greed would suffice to accomplish his takeover.”

Finally, Reich challenged Musk’s assertion that he is a free speech absolutist by pointing out “he refuses to read my tweets.” Musk called Reich’s reasoning fallacious. “Freedom of speech means everyone is allowed to say what he wants to say,” Musk argued. “It doesn’t require that anyone listen to you. It is the Twitter practice of silencing speech it disagrees with that violates freedom of speech. If I ran Twitter no one would be silenced for disagreeing with me or anyone else and no one would be punished for refusing to read what anyone else tweets.”

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