Biden Disinfo Czar Calls for Covert Social Media Editing

By: John Semmens

Nina Jankowicz, executive director of the Department of Homeland Security’s new Disinformation Governance Board, says she “will replace the crude and incendiary practices of banning social media users with a seamless covert editing process. As I see this process working, my office will create a ‘verified truth teller’ program where we will vet persons and select those who are fully in sync with the consensus of the right thinking segment of society. Those selected will be granted unimpeded access to all social media accounts on all the platforms and be authorized to alter the content to conform with the government’s approved message.”

Jankowicz characterized this as “the opposite of censorship. No one will be silenced, per se. There will still be posts with their names on them. Only offensive content will be altered. Animosities engendered by clashing opinions will be muted by a sea of amiable unanimity. Post after post will confirm each other in an unending chain. Every attempt to post incorrect ideas will be thwarted in a kind and gentle manner. No one will be vilified. Mutual praise and admiration will be the persistent ambiance everywhere on the web.”

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