Media Alarmed Democrats May Lose Elections

By: John Semmens

This week the Associated Press (AP) published a dire warning that white Cristian nationalists “may drastically alter the composition of the American government this November by voting against Democrats. By cunningly confining their tactics to the completely legal option of voting against those in power they could force changes that would upset the unity President Biden has arduously struggled to achieve.”

MSNBC talking head Joy Reid hailed the AP warning, calling it “a timely and desperately needed alert. We in the mainstream media need to take a stronger stand against these enemies of democracy. We can’t afford to keep pretending to objectively present opposing views. Christian nationalism poses a very real threat to American national security and social cohesion. If we sit by and allow them to elect the kind of people who will favor their values the right to an abortion will be seriously curtailed. The progress that has been made to normalize LGBTQ values will be derailed. And the premise of universal white guilt will be undermined.”

Writer David Bates cautioned “don’t let their peaceful methods and demeanor fool you. They will go after every office and seat, from the White House to school boards, city councils, even library boards—voting in massive numbers unlike we have ever seen before. This is what fascism looks like in America in the 21st century. We must not forget that Hitler was elected to office and used that office’s authority to declare an emergency that allowed him to rule by decree. Any tactic that can thwart them is justifiable.”

The irony is that many of the Democrats who might be voted out of office have cunningly used the democratic system to gain power. They vote in large numbers. Sometimes their fear of losing has driven them to vote more than once or even after they’re dead. Once their favored candidates are in office they have used that office’s authority to declare emergencies and ruled by decree—labeling opposing views disinformation and demanded these views be censored.

In related news, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) issued an alert warning that “Dominion voting machines have software vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking.” An example of what could happen was demonstrated in the recent Democratic primary in DeKalb County Georgia. The Dominion machines made Marshall Orson the winner. Third place finisher Michelle Long Spears called for a hand count after numerous precincts showed her getting zero votes. The hand count showed she was the winner and Orson the third place finisher. Fraud is suspected.

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