FBI Retaliates Against Whistleblower

By John Semmens

This week, FBI Special Agent Steve Friend, a respected 12-year veteran of the FBI, was suspended, his badge and firearm confiscated, and was escorted out of the building after he complained about some of the Agency’s actions. His complaint to DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz cited multiple violations of FBI policy including the falsification of data, use of excessive force against non-violent subjects accused of misdemeanor offenses, and political bias against conservatives.

“I didn’t like the idea of sending heavily-armed SWAT teams on dawn raids of persons suspected of what, at best, would be misdemeanor offenses,” Friend explained. “I suggested alternatives such as the issuance of a court summons or utilizing surveillance groups to determine an optimal, safe time for a local sheriff’s deputy to contact the subjects and advise them about the existence of the arrest warrant. For this I was told I was a ‘bad teammate.’”

FBI Director Christopher called Friend “the kind of mole that must be rooted out and removed from having access to sensitive government operations. His challenge to orders that he considers ill-conceived is a threat to the Agency’s morale. The smooth functioning of the FBI relies on immediate obedience to the directives of one’s superior officers. We can’t fight the enemies of democracy very effectively if we harbor one of them in our midst. Friend’s claim that many other field agents share his views shows that there is a conspiracy of disloyal Americans that have infiltrated our Agency. His refusal to name names constitutes obstruction of justice. Being ousted from his job is just the beginning of the troubles he will experience in the near future.”

Dems Mock GOP’s “Commitment to America”

By John Semmens

This week, House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif) unveiled the Republicans’ “Commitment to America” platform. The platform focused on inflation, crime, and the southern border.

“President Biden and the Democrats in Congress took a whack at the strong economy bequeathed to them by former President Trump’s policies of low taxes, energy independence, and secure borders and wrecked it,” McCarthy said. “Democrats raised taxes, doubled the size of the IRS, squelched domestic energy production, and allowed more than two million people to enter the country illegally through our southern border. Now inflation is the highest its been in more than 40 years, the cost of fueling our cars, heating and cooling our homes, and putting food on the table are mercilessly squeezing family budgets, and crime is soaring in many of our largest cities as Democrat district attorneys go easy on violent criminals. The Republican Party is pledging to undo the Democrats’ foolish policies if voters give us a majority in Congress.”

Biden immediately assailed the GOP Platform’s “absence of a pledge to restore the Roe v. Wade abortion rights recently overturned by the Supreme Court. What good is prosperity if a woman cannot get an abortion when she needs it? Sure, some states have laws affirming the right to an abortion, but what about women who live in states that have stricter controls on the procedure? Who’s going to pay the high costs of their travel to states where abortions are well-funded with public money?”

Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams added to Biden’s criticism by characterizing the whole pro-life movement as “phony. There’s no such thing as a fetal heartbeat. Republicans are duping women with fake sounds to try to scare them into forgoing their sacred right to abort an unwanted child. They put the right to life of the child ahead of a woman’s right to freedom. We can’t let these monsters hold any office in this country.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md) called the GOP platform “more Make America Great Again extremism. Rather than crossing the aisle to support the unifying agenda of the President they are advancing a program of selfishness for America. The difficulties of transitioning to a cleaner and more equitable future are prices the American people must pay. The attempt to avoid this pain is unpatriotic. We urge all voters to stay the course by casting their ballots for Democrats as often as they can between now and November 8.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La) defended the platform, saying that “this country was founded on the principles of individual freedom. Scaling back the bloated government that the Democrats are inflicting on the inhabitants of the nation is a restoration of these founding principles. The doubling of the IRS that Democrats have enacted into law will send out swarms of officers to harass the people and eat out their substance. This election is an opportunity for these intended victims of the socialist nostrums that drive modern Democrats to fight for their freedom by voting against the Democrats’ oppressive schemes. We have laid out a bold conservative vision to show the country there’s hope again.”

In related news, a Convention of States Action/Trafalgar Group survey found that 68% of Americans felt safer when Trump was president than they do now. The breakout by political affiliation was 87% for Republicans, 64% for independents, and 44% for Democrats. Sens Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) asserted that “public safety isn’t some random fluctuation of nature. It is directly influenced by government policies toward crime. Law-abiding citizens need to be protected from law-breaking criminals. Republicans understand this. Too many of the Democrats in charge around the country don’t seem to understand this. Replacing them with Republicans is one thing voters can do to improve safety where they live.”

Battle for the Soul of the Nation

By: John Semmens

This week, President Biden gave what Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson characterized as an “urgent wartime address. Just as FDR rallied Americans to avenge Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, President called for patriotic Americans to help him defend democracy from the MAGA Republicans who are trying to take the country down an authoritarian path that opposes the regulations, mandates, foreign wars, higher taxes and spending needed to rescue us from the selfishness and liberty that ran rampant under Trump.”

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre rejected GOP complaints that the President was maligning half the country by pointing out “he quite clearly expressed gratitude for independents and Republicans—like Rep. Cheney—who are supporting his efforts to build an America that is free from dissension. He also tried to head off an armed confrontation by reminding his political opponents that their AR15s were no match for the machine guns and flamethrowers his troops can deploy, the smart bombs and napalm his F-15s can deliver, or the nuclear missiles he can launch with the push of a button. He wants to be merciful. All he requires is obedience.”

An appalled Sen. John Kennedy (R-La) said “the President Biden we saw was every inch Joe Biden, the politician. He could have used the time to talk about how he was going to solve the problems of crime, inflation, the learning loss of our children, the Fentanyl coming across the border and killing our teenagers. Instead, he chose to say to the American people, if you don’t agree with me you’re a bad person.”

An energized House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) called the speech “inspiring and optimistic. He identified the enemies we must defeat. MAGA Republicans are orchestrating a sinister campaign to divide us. As my spiritual adviser Landru says, ‘they are not of the body.’ Their alien beliefs threaten the well-being of the collective. We must take whatever actions are necessary to ensure the termination of their evil influence.”

The day after his speech, Biden was taken aback by a reporter asking “do you consider all Trump supporters to be a threat to the country?” A baffled Biden replied “I don’t remember saying that. Who says I said that? It’s only Trump voters who refuse to accept the fact that 81 million voters elected me to rule this country. Their patriotic duty as citizens is to obey my authority and do what I ask of them to build a better future without me having to force them to do it.”

More Spent on Taxes than Necessities

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2021 shows that, on average, Americans spent $16,729 to support the government. This topped the $15,495 they spent on food, clothing and health care combined.

Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen insisted that “when you consider all the government does for people they should be happy it costs so little. Without the government people would be set adrift with no sense of meaning. The pointlessness of life for the average person is rescued by the government’s provision of structure and purpose. The selfishness of personal ambition and self gratification is replaced by the comfort of knowing you are part of a unified collective striving for a better world.”

Yellen warned that “given the rising inflation hitting the country, the low cost of government cannot be sustained for much longer. The doubling of the IRS workforce will greatly assist in the extraction of more taxes from the productive members of society. This will divert resources that are largely wasted on private consumption into government coffers where the money can be more efficiently allocated to the greater good of humanity.”

In related news, Department of Labor data show that states with Republican governors and Republican majorities in the legislatures have, on average, recovered more than 107% of the jobs lost during the pandemic. States with Democrat governors and Democrat majorities have, on average, recovered only 94% of the jobs lost during the pandemic. The ten states with the best job recovery records all have Republican majorities in their legislatures.

Yellen called the comparison “unfair. Democrat states are hampered by more burdensome regulations, high tax rates, rising crime, and significant out-migration of their most productive citizens. In an ideal world, regulations, tax rates, and crime would be equalized to reduce the incentive to relocate and save the economy from having to bear the expense out-migration.”

White House Defends Use of Marines in Speech

By: John Semmens

The optics of President Biden’s speech attacking MAGA Republicans last week have drawn criticism for inserting Marines into what was obviously a political speech rather than a presidential address to the nation. Even the usually reliable apologist for Democrat excesses CNN thought he had gone too far. Anchor Brianna Keilar observed that “the military is supposed to be apolitical. Positioning Marines in uniform behind President Biden for a political speech flies in the face of that.”

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended the imagery as “appropriate for the occasion. Our democracy is under attack from an insidious domestic threat. The inclusion of the marines, like the President’s earlier warning that he has F-15s standing by to obliterate these enemies of the people, was meant as a warning. US Marines are the finest trained killers in the world. The President knows that many of his critics consider him a feeble, addled old man. He wanted to show them that as weak as he may be personally, he commands mighty forces.”

There are military rules prohibiting active duty members from participating in political campaigns while in uniform because it could give the impression that the military favors one Party over the other. Jean-Pierre insisted that “taking on the evil MAGA Republicans is more a holy crusade than a mere disagreement about political policies. The threat is so dire that the full weight of our military might must be employed to ensure that the President’s unifying message is received and obeyed.”

Mayor Objects to Bused Migrants

By: John Semmens

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) “immoral and unpatriotic for busing away immigrants released into Texas by federal immigration authorities. His behavior defies the values of who we are as Americans. It’s inhumane. If the President wanted these immigrants to come to my city he would have had them flown here rather than making them take a two-day bus ride.”

Abbott said “we didn’t force any of the immigrants to board these buses. When they heard that Chicago was a sanctuary city they were eager to go there. Isn’t a sanctuary defined as a place of refuge or safety? With the Biden Administration releasing hundreds of thousands of these illegal border-crossers into Texas this year why should Mayor Lightfoot be so upset that we are sharing a few hundred with her?”

“Gov. Abbott knows damn well that Chicago is not a safe place,” Lightfoot replied. “Over the Labor Day weekend alone 55 people were shot. Eleven of them died. He’s sending these poor Mexicans into a killing zone. He’s aiding and abetting their murder by the criminals who roam our streets.”

While Lightfoot has branded Abbott a “racist and xenophobe” for his actions, she herself is quietly busing these illegals to the suburbs. Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso complained that “we weren’t asked whether we wanted these people. We got no heads-up from Mayor Lightfoot before she had dozens of them dropped off at a Burr Ridge hotel. We’re not a sanctuary city.”

Could Covid Jabs Be More Dangerous than Advertised?

By: John Semmens

Since the so-called covid vaccines became available in late 2020 billions have received them under the promise that if you got the “jab” you wouldn’t catch the disease. The latest evidence indicates that those who have been vaccinated are as likely to come down with the ailment as those who haven’t been vaccinated. Worse, though, are research findings showing that significant numbers of vaccine recipients have experienced serious health degradation.

An Italian study using dark-field microscopic analysis of blood drawn from persons injected with mRNA vaccines found conclusive evidence that more than 90% of persons whose blood was normal prior to the jab were abnormal afterward. A German study found similar results, prompting the researchers to advise an immediate halt to covid vaccinations.

Undertakers are finding strange blood clots that have not previously seen. Richard Hirschmann, an Alabama embalmer, who has gathered evidence of this phenomenon in over 100 corpses during the past year said, “if these strange clots are the cause of the ailments leading to these people’s ultimate death, and it is found out to be vaccine-related, then the death rate for the vaccine would be astronomical.”

Dr. Ryan Cole, founder of Cole Diagnostics, attributes these clots to spike proteins the body is forced to make, either by infection from the COVID-19 virus, or getting the mRNA vaccine. South African doctor Resia Pretorius also blames the spike protein, whether from COVID or the vaccine, as a primary cause of clotting and platelet dysfunction.

Biden’s coronavirus adviser Ashish Jha pooh-poohed these findings, contending “since the world’s foremost expert on the vaccines, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has already declared the vaccines safe, contrary information should be ignored as ‘disinformation.’ I find it shocking that these research findings were allowed to be published. Dr, Fauci now recommends at least annual re-vaccinations for both covid and the flu. I really believe this is why God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot. From my perspective, the big tragedy  is that nearly 30% of Americans have not yet received a covid shot. The President’s efforts to ensure that everyone gets these shots fell short due to ignorant disobedience and untimely judicial interference impeding his mandate compelling everyone to be vaccinated to keep their jobs.”

Opposition to Student Debt Cancellation “Churlish”

By: John Semmens

Democrat candidate for Georgia governor Stacey Abrams told a group of working-class voters at a campaign stop in Valdosta, Georgia that “those who oppose President Biden’s decree cancelling a portion of students’ college debt are being churlish.” For those not used to hearing the word, “churlish” is defined as “being rude in a mean-spirited and surly way.”

“The unity that the Democratic Party is trying to bring to this country requires that each person contribute his or her fair share to the collective welfare,” Abrams explained. “Those who don’t have what it takes to succeed in college have a duty to support those who do. These students are the intelligentsia of the nation. They are the ones with the brainpower to grasp the fundamentals behind a socially just society. Funding their education is essential.”

“To the individual who says ‘why should I have to pay for someone else to go to college?’ I say ‘chill,’” said the self-proclaimed “true winner” of the 2018 Georgia governor’s race. “Play the role assigned to you by the wiser heads who run the government. We have the knowledge and vision needed to determine what each person should put into the common pot and the most just way of distributing what comes out of that pot. When I am chosen as the state’s next governor you will see me implement this plan for Georgia.”

Living Standards Decline in 90% of Countries

By: John Semmens

According to the UN Development Program (UNDP), living conditions in 90% of the world’s countries deteriorated in 2021. The United States, which was the world’s most highly developed country in 1990, is currently ranked 21st.

Professor of Economics at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York and New York Times economics columnist Paul Krugman maintains that “this apparent decline in material well-being is part of the Biden Boom that is sweeping the country into an exciting future. It has been good for American workers, whether they know it or not.”

One of the things that American workers can enjoy under the Biden Boom is the opportunity to work second and third jobs in order to meet the rising cost of living—a circumstance that Krugman says “can provide a richer collective experience for the nation. Instead of everybody just working one job from nine to five, many are now working nights and weekends. Meanwhile, others who prefer not to work have been supported by President Biden’s various government transfers of funds from those who do. The potential cultural benefits from this growing leisure class are immeasurable.”

Krugman’s take was seconded by former President Obama who declared that “the country is better off with Joe as president. The path of runaway prosperity that Trump had the country on was unsustainable. It would have taken us in a direction where selfish individualism would have had a free hand. We should all be deeply grateful that this fate has been averted by the calm unity that Joe has brought with his thoughtfully considered policies and actions.”

Dem Wants Credit Card Data to Track Gun Purchases

By: John Semmens

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called for credit card companies to establish a merchant category code (MCC) for gun and ammunition stores, saying “the creation of a new code would enable financial institutions to help the government detect suspicious activity that may be tied to criminal purposes.”

Mastercard spokesman Seth Eisen was unenthusiastic about Adams’ proposal, calling it “a troubling invasion of privacy based on specious reasoning. Criminals don’t typically use credit cards to buy their guns. It leaves a too obvious paper trail. I can’t see this added scrutiny applied to law-abiding citizens as a useful tool in the effort to combat crime.”

Adams called Eisen “unqualified to comment on the methods police might choose to use to do their jobs. As we have seen from the President’s recent speech, seemingly law-abiding citizens who oppose his policies are potentially violent enemies of our democracy. An ability to crosscheck gun purchases with voter registrations would help us identify, disarm, and arrest these people before they can act on their evil intentions.”

In related news, government officials in New York are considering legislation that would require remote speed controllers to be installed in all new cars used in the state. “Speeding ruins lives, so we must take action to prevent it,” Mayor Adams said. “Giving the government the capability to remotely reduce the speed at which vehicles are traveling would be an innovative way of overcoming the inherent anarchy of allowing drivers to choose whether to obey the posted speed limits. Instead of having to rely on so-called speed traps to frighten or fine drivers into obeying we could directly control the cars via microwave transmissions.”