Mayor Objects to Bused Migrants

By: John Semmens

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) called Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) “immoral and unpatriotic for busing away immigrants released into Texas by federal immigration authorities. His behavior defies the values of who we are as Americans. It’s inhumane. If the President wanted these immigrants to come to my city he would have had them flown here rather than making them take a two-day bus ride.”

Abbott said “we didn’t force any of the immigrants to board these buses. When they heard that Chicago was a sanctuary city they were eager to go there. Isn’t a sanctuary defined as a place of refuge or safety? With the Biden Administration releasing hundreds of thousands of these illegal border-crossers into Texas this year why should Mayor Lightfoot be so upset that we are sharing a few hundred with her?”

“Gov. Abbott knows damn well that Chicago is not a safe place,” Lightfoot replied. “Over the Labor Day weekend alone 55 people were shot. Eleven of them died. He’s sending these poor Mexicans into a killing zone. He’s aiding and abetting their murder by the criminals who roam our streets.”

While Lightfoot has branded Abbott a “racist and xenophobe” for his actions, she herself is quietly busing these illegals to the suburbs. Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso complained that “we weren’t asked whether we wanted these people. We got no heads-up from Mayor Lightfoot before she had dozens of them dropped off at a Burr Ridge hotel. We’re not a sanctuary city.”

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