Trump Offers Services

By John Semmens

The recent success of Ukraine’s counterattack against the Russian troops that invaded has sent them into a disorderly retreat. Putin has sent press gangs around Russia to draft 300,000 more men into his army. A bogus referendum held in parts of the Russian-occupied portions of Ukraine is being used to justify their annexation to Russia. Belarus is offering to send 100,000 troops to help defend the annexed territory from Ukrainian aggression. Last, but not least, Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons—citing the precedent established by the atomic bombs the US dropped on Japan to end World War II.

President Biden has taken a basic “bring it on stance” and promised to “do whatever is necessary to defeat Russian aggression.” This included a February 24 threat to prevent the use of Russia’s Nord Stream Pipeline if Russia invaded Ukraine. This week, that pipeline was blown up. In addition, Biden has managed to funnel more than $50 billion in military aid to the government of Ukraine—a step which leaves US stockpiles of non-nuclear weapons at severely depleted levels.

Concerned that we may be on the road to World War III, former President Trump has offered his deal-making services to President Biden. “We need to be strategic, be smart and get a negotiated deal done NOW!” Trump said. “Both sides need it. The entire World is at stake.”

Biden rejected Trump’s offer, saying “if the American people had wanted Trump to handle foreign affairs they wouldn’t have elected me. His attempt to meddle in foreign affairs is a violation of the Logan Act. This is yet another demonstration of Trump’s intent to overthrow our democracy and will be added to the list of charges against him which is currently being compiled by Attorney General Garland. I will do things my way. I will call Putin’s bluff. I will remind him that the bunker I have is far more secure than the Hitler bunker that Russian troops overran at the end of World War II was.”

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