Dems Blame Moderators

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich) and Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich) blamed their lackluster performances in two separate debates this week on the debate moderators.

During her debate with Whitmer, Republican challenger Tudor Dixon argued that “I am merely trying to call attention to the gap between the Governor’s 2018 pre-election promises and her performance in office. Rather than keeping the people safe from criminals she wants to disarm law-abiding gun owners. While rioting in America’s streets over the death of George Floyd was killing people and destroying property the Governor said she supported the ‘spirit’ of the defund the police movement.”

Whitmer complained that Dixon “showed complete disregard for my emergency powers as governor. She was repeatedly allowed to use my own words against me. The moderators should have called her out for doing this to me. There was no real-time fact-checking of the sort that the media has consistently applied to proponents of unacceptable views and opinions over the past two years of the pandemic.”

After her debate with Republican state Sen. Tom Barrett, Slotkin was especially aggrieved that Tim Skubick of WLNS, the person she hand-picked to moderate, did not raise the abortion issue during the October 6 debate. “Skubick’s excuse that we had already covered this ground in our September 25 debate was indefensible,” Slotkin ranted. “I didn’t choose him as a moderator to be an impartial journalist. I chose him to help me make my case for reelection. His failure to fulfill my expectations was disrespectful.” After the tongue lashing from Slotkin, Skubick apologized.

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