Biden Rails Against “Enemies of Democracy”

President Biden made his closing argument to voters in a largely unwatched TV broadcast. He warned that “failure to vote Democrat means siding with the enemies of our democracy. It’s right there on your ballot. Candidates with a ‘D’ after their names are friends of democracy. Candidates with an ‘R’ after their names are rebelling against our democracy.”

As proof of the veracity of his contention, Biden cited the 2 am attack on Paul Pelosi by MAGA extremist David DePape, calling it “emblematic of the type of political violence instigated against democracy by Donald Trump. The brazen nature of this assault was demonstrated by the fact that DePape waited until the police were present before he hit Paul in the head with a hammer. This is the type of lawlessness spawned by incessant Republican resistance to the unity I have been striving to achieve.”

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel described Biden’s speech as “desperate and dishonest. If anything, the attack on Paul Pelosi illustrates why Democrats’ soft on crime policies are inspiring voters to opt for change. It took the breach of a residence with top-of-the-line security alarms and cameras to gain the attention of a Democrat Party that has been actively ignoring the surge in attacks on ordinary citizens enabled by their policies that let dangerous people go free without posting bail.”

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre defended her boss, saying “comparing the rapes, stabbings, and shootings of unimportant people to the nearly fatal hammering of the 82-year-old husband of the Speaker of the House of Representatives is shameful. Our society can easily survive the losses inflicted on people who are not vital to the successful functioning of our democracy. The President is confident that voters will be able to make this distinction and reelect the Democrats that are vital to preserving our democracy.”

Sen. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) observed that “to Biden, ‘democracy’ means one thing: Democrats having complete power.” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Az) contended that “the President’s notion of what constitutes democracy looks an awful lot like tyranny to any sane person.”

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