The City of Phoenix can’t afford another term of Carlos Garcia

In the last two years, the City of Phoenix has experienced a 40% increase in homicides and the number of aggravated assaults jumped from 2,630 in 2018 to over 3,300 in 2020. An 18-year-old was shot dead in his friend’s home last week.

Not to mention the thefts and buglaries plaguing every day Phoenicians who have no recourse for justice. 

It’s no secret: the City of Phoenix has a rising crime problem.

And who’s to blame? The anti-public safety messaging being spewed by the progressive Left has significantly contributed to officer shortages and the attempts to defund police departments across the country, including right here in Phoenix. 

One of the radical Left’s most vocal allies is none other than Councilmember Carlos Garcia

Hailing from District 8, Carlos Garcia has led the march to defund the City of Phoenix Police Department and divert resources away from an orgnaization already stretched thin by staffing shortages. The Phoenix Police Department is still short over 500 police officers, despite new hiring efforts. This trend is not sustainable.

However, it’s not hard to imagine why the City of Phoenix is struggling to hire and retain good officers. Why work in a city where councilmembers like Carlos Garcia continue to undermine public safety and bend the knee to radical, “defund the police” activists? 

Instead, Garcia and the radical Left’s rhetoric emboldens criminals to continue to wreak havoc on the City of Phoenix and put innocent Phoenecians in danger. 

Carlos Garcia’s Plan B for “civilian oversight” of the Phoenix Police Department has done nothing but push a divisive narrative against good men and women in uniform. Transparency and accountability already exists in the Phoenix Police Department, but Carlos Garcia would rather score political points than educate Phoenicians about processes that already exist. 

And Carlos Garcia isn’t exact the best spokesperson for transparency after he found his way into the luxury suite at the Suns arena with campaign donors, including a union that illegally donated to Garcia. 

While Garcia demands accountability from the Phoenix Police Departmnent, he attempts to escape the consequences in his personal life. In a commonplace traffic stop made by Arizona State University police officers, Garcia refused to sign a citation for not having auto insurance, arguing that the officers did not have jurisdiction – “rules for thee but not for me.”

But not all hope is lost. 

On March 14th, the City of Phoenix has the opportunity to choose new, common-sense leadership that will prioritize public safety and ensure that the Phoenix Police Department is fully funded and equipped with the resources it needs to keep Phoenix safe.

The City of Phoenix can’t afford to keep Carlos Garcia around. While he continues to enjoy the luxury suite at the Suns arena on taxpayer dollars, the Phoenix Police Department is being overwhelmed by rising crime and no officers to handle it. Time for a change a leaderhsip.

Reject Carlos Garcia. Choose common-sense. 

Biden Defends Attacks on Balloons

Determined to deflect criticism for his delayed response to a suspected Chinese spy balloon, President Biden ordered a series of strikes against at least three other aerial objects. The targets were described by the pilots that shot them down as very small. Now, the Northern Illinois Bottlecap Balloon Brigade’s (NIBBB) says its globe-trotting $12 pico balloon and $80 ham radio transmitter has gone missing.

Biden took full responsibility for ordering the downing of these objects, explaining that “from all outward appearances they seemed to be innocent amateur science projects, but rather than be caught with our pants down like we were with the Chinese spy balloon I felt compelled to take them out. Sadly, little of the debris has been recovered. So, the NIBBB can’t prove it was their balloon that I ordered destroyed or that it wasn’t spying on secret military sites.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) mocked the balloon fiasco, saying “we sent out a $140 million aircraft to fire a $485,000 missile to take out a hobby group’s science project. I guess this level of ferocity is supposed to show the world not to mess with the USA.”

Biden shrugged off Cruz’s criticism and pointed out “Sen. Cruz lost his bid for the presidency. I won mine. I will go down in history as the 46th president of the United States. Cruz will hardly be remembered. I think everyone will know who the real buffoon is in this controversy.”

Meanwhile, China has threatened retaliation for the US shooting down its balloon. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, “what we have learned over the past week is that dozens, maybe hundreds, of these so-called amateur balloons have been launched from within the United States over the past few years. This provocation cannot go unanswered.”

Vice-President Kamala Harris brushed off concerns about China’s possible retaliation, pointing out that “the President has already demonstrated his sympathy by starting the process of taking out these balloons by whatever means necessary. And let’s not forget all the confidential information his son Hunter has passed on to his Chinese business partners. I don’t think President Xi will let things get too far out of hand.”

Illegal Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Tweaked

Although courts have already ruled that President Biden’s attempt to unilaterally decree the forgiveness of a portion of student loan debt is not legal, plans are underway to reissue the illegal decree with a new twist. Students who major in studies that provide few opportunities for remunerative employment will be given “first dibs” on loan forgiveness.

Secretary of Education Miguel Angel Cardona explained “there’s little sense in forgiving the debt of students who major in science or engineering. Grads with degrees in these subjects are in great demand in the private sector and will likely be paid well. In contrast, a student with a degree in transgender studies faces a much bleaker future because there is little to no need for such people in the private sector.”

“Our plan in the short term is to free the bearers of useless degrees from having to repay their debt,” Cardona said. “In the meantime, we need to create new laws and regulations that would make it mandatory for private businesses to employ these people to help them navigate the complex social equity requirements that the new laws and regulations will implement.”

GOP Against Socialism, Dems Split

A House Resolution condemning socialism that was introduced by Rep. Maria Salazar (R-Fla) passed with unanimous GOP support. Democrats, though were split on the issue with about half voting for it and half not. Salazar argued that the resolution was “intended as a message to our youth. Right now 40% of generation z and millennials see Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as a better guide for government than the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness cited in our Declaration of Independence.”

“As history has shown, Marx’s ideas have led to tyranny and murder carried out by communist regimes,” Salazar pointed out. “The freedoms that our youth take for granted would be snuffed out if socialist policies ruled America.”

House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) condemned the resolution, calling it “undemocratic. If our youth want communism, then so be it. The bourgeois freedoms promoted by Republicans are becoming less acceptable to the American people with each passing day. The enforced conformity of the Marxist system can provide a unifying theme for the next stage of human civilization. The House is out of line condemning it.” Jeffries’ justified his departure from his 2021 vow to “never bend a knee to hard-left democratic socialism,” citing “the new responsibilities incumbent on a person in a leadership position.”

In related news, interviews with 75 top media executives revealed that there is strong opposition to objectivity in news reporting. Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle summed up the prevailing thinking, saying “objectivity has got to go.” Stanford journalism professor, Ted Glasser, asserted that “journalism must free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.” The Washington Posts Leonard Downie warned that “allowing the notion that different perspectives ought to get a hearing to pollute the media’s coverage of a topic will only slow down the transformation of America into the utopian progressive society that former President Obama promised would be our future.”

By John Semmens

Parties Spar Over “Show Up” Act

Now that the pandemic emergency is over, House Republicans want federal employees to come back to their offices. The Stopping Home Office Work Unproductive Problems Act or SHOW UP Act of 2023 introduced by Rep. James Comer (R-Ken) was passed by a vote of 221-206.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md) called the GOP “hypocritical. These are the guys who say they want to shrink the government by cutting unneeded bureaucracy. Now they want these supposedly unneeded employees to travel into the city to work? Won’t this increased traffic congestion impede the private sector workers who actually produce products and services that customers willingly buy?”

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va) echoed Raskin’s take, saying “none of us in Congress has any idea of what these workers do or don’t do. What difference would it make to us whether the unknown activities of these federal employees takes place at home or at the office?”

The issue has been confounded by the fact that thousands of these employees supposedly “working from home” falsely “self-certified” as unemployed during the covid pandemic in order to fraudulently receive payments for being out of work. Comer cited this behavior as a reason to simplify the work environment by having the government’s employees show up at the office. Raskin cited “the small number of crooks–less than ten thousand from what I hear–seems to be petty theft compared to the trillions that have been frittered away over the last two years.”

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) suggested that “the unused office space created by the widespread use of telecommuting as the basic work model could be put to better use housing the City’s homeless population. Bringing these mentally ill drug-users to live closer to where Congress does its business might inspire them to take the problem more seriously.”

In other Capital news, a dozen students from Our Lady of the Rosary School in Greenville County, South Carolina were kicked out of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum because they were wearing hats with a pro-life message. Secretary Lonnie G. Bunch III explained “pro-life is not the policy of our organization. It would be improper to allow outsiders to advocate for an unapproved political position within the walls of the museum.”