Arizona Legislature Fails to Override Veto of Popular Tamale Bill

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – In a surprising turn of events, the Arizona Legislature has failed to override Governor Katie Hobbs’ veto of the “Tamale Bill,” which would have made it legal for home cooks to sell their tamales to the public.

The bill, which had widespread support from both Democrats and Republicans in the state legislature, would have allowed for the sale of tamales made in home kitchens, which is currently illegal under Arizona’s food safety laws.

Supporters of the bill argued that it would have provided an economic opportunity for home cooks and small business owners, particularly those in Arizona’s Latino community, who have a rich tradition of making and selling tamales.

However, Governor Hobbs vetoed the bill, citing concerns about food safety and the potential for foodborne illness.

Despite efforts by lawmakers to override the veto, the bill ultimately fell short of the necessary two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate. The vote was 35-23.

Opponents of the bill, including some food safety advocates, praised Governor Hobbs’ decision to veto the bill.

The failure to override the veto of the Tamale Bill is sure to be a disappointment to many in Arizona’s Latino community, who have been pushing for the legalization of home-cooked tamales for years.

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