Reinstatement Amendment Fails

Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) “Support the Reinstatement of Trained and Effective Firefighters” amendment to the “Fire Grants and Safety Act” (S.870), was voted down by a 54-45 margin in the Senate. The purpose of this amendment was to end the embargo on rehiring firefighters who were discharged for refusing to be injected with the experimental covid vaccines.

Paul called the votes against his proposed amendment “bizarre. While there was little reason for requiring these low-risk young and healthy individuals to get the jab in the first place, there is no good reason now for barring them from rejoining the firefighting profession.”

Sen. Mitt Romney, one of only four Republicans (the others were Susan Collins, Mike Rounds, and Lisa Murkowski) to vote against the amendment strongly disagreed with Paul’s reasoning. “The fact that we now know that the vaccines are neither safe nor effective doesn’t change the fact that those ordering the injections had the authority to do so. Our country is built upon obedience to duly elected authorities like the president and his appointees. Those who refuse the orders given to them cannot be forgiven. To do so will breed future disobedience and chaos. I cannot abide restoring rebels within the bowels of as important a government function as firefighting.”

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