AZCentral drops bombshell on Turning Point Arizona

In a recent article on AZ Central, Richard Ruelas drops a bombshell on Turning Point Arizona outlining their campaign finance spending towards republicans who lost the general election. 

 “Turning Point PAC, the political action committee started by Turning Point USA, spent $494,105 during the 2022 election cycle, including the primary elections. The bulk of that, $377,201, went towards the general election races for U.S. Senate, governor and Secretary of State in Arizona”

“In Arizona, Turning Point PAC spent $213,554 on the gubernatorial race between Lake, the former news anchor for KSAZ-TV, Channel 10, and Hobbs, the eventual winner, state campaign finance records show.

Most of that sum — $203,769 to be exact — was spent on a string of electronic billboards along freeways, records show. The billboards alternated between various messages in the weeks leading up to Election Day. One promoted Lake and Blake Masters, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, as a “Lake and Blake” ticket.”

Ruelas, quoting Kathy Petsas, claims that Turning Point has “showed its inexperience”, and made mistakes by supporting all candidates with the MAGA agenda. 

On top of it, there are speculations about the amount of money Charlie Kirk and Tyler Bowyer, leaders of this organization, received as their pay for the year. They earned almost as much as they spent on the donations to these campaigns.

“Kirk earned a salary of $405,416 as the CEO of Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action, the IRS filing shows. Bowyer earned $258,628 as the chief operating officer and chief secretary of the two Turning Point entities. 

On the Charlie Kirk show that aired Monday night, Bowyer said that Lake perhaps relied too much on large Trump-style rallies and might have engaged in more small-scale retail politics, visiting sports fields filled with parents on weekends or shaking hands in crowded restaurants.”