Biden Misery Index

Job layoffs–11,000 Americans lost their livelihoods when Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline Project

Biden border crisis–The southern U.S. border has been dissolved and Biden is figuratively waving thousands of illegal aliens into the country. Many of them are criminals, many have COVID-19. It’s an unconscionable disaster.

Gas prices have soared since Biden took office due to his attack on U.S. energy independence.

While attacking America’s Constitution and ideals, Biden’s administration is soft on China’s oppressive communist regime.

Biden is trying to weed conservatives out of the military, weakening our national defense.

Biden is subsidizing the evil abortion industry, which will result in more and more deaths of preborn children. He restored funding for overseas abortion (Mexico City Policy) as well.

Biden is trying to take away your right to defend yourself through gun control.

America’s foreign policy has returned to the disaster of the Obama years.

Biden is devoting resources to an imaginary and so-called climate crisis.

By promoting transgenders unrestricted invasion of women’s sports, Biden is removing integrity in women’s sports.

Biden is inflaming racial tensions in America.

Biden is actively undermining state laws pursuing election integrity.