Sweden’s Pandemic Approach Vindicated

When the coronavirus first hit most western governments pushed the panic button and opted for a totalitarian approach–ordering businesses closed, people to isolate themselves at home, stay at least six feet apart, and wear masks over their nose and mouth and later, coerced injections of an experimental drug misleadingly characterized as a vaccine. Sweden took a more laissez-faire approach. People were free to take whatever precautions they wanted, but society stayed open. They reasoned that airborne viruses cannot be effectively contained and that the best policy would be to try to reach “herd immunity” as quickly as possible.

Three years later, the Swedish approach has produced the best results. Compared to its western peers, Sweden had the lowest excess deaths above long-term trend lines. This means that while the pandemic did boost total fatalities above the norm in Sweden, total fatalities in all the other countries were boosted even higher. “Herd immunity” was effectively achieved as younger and less vulnerable members of the population caught and spread the disease prompting the development of antibodies that aided resistance to further infection.

Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), called the results “surprising. Going against the consensus of experts was risky. If the laissez-faire approach had failed their reputations would have been irreparably damaged. Even now, the unexpected results can’t be taken as proof of the wisdom of their actions. My instincts tell me that it could’ve been just dumb luck.”

Interestingly, the other top performing part of the world during the pandemic was in countries too poor to afford all the coercive measures, vaccines, and hospitalizations that produced the greater acceleration of excess deaths experienced in the western peers of Sweden.

Meanwhile, in the US the CDC is developing a database to track who has and hasn’t received the recommended doses of covid mRNA vaccinations. Nancy Andersen, a director with Kaiser Permanente Health Plan and Hospitals, and Erica Eastham, executive director at The Permanente Federation LLC, thanked the CDC for “providing valuable data for understanding vaccination rates and dealing with under-vaccinated patients.”

In other health-related news, while a large part of the world was put through hell by ill-considered pandemic policies for a disease with a less than 1% overall fatality rate, the Pentagon now reports that 77% of military-age adults are unfit for service due to obesity and/or mental illness. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin was dismayed by “the slim pickings our recruiters face. We may have to consider re-instituting the draft. Why should professional sports be allowed to draft all the best physical specimens for themselves? Shouldn’t the need to defend of the nation outweigh the desire to field a winning sports team?”

John Semmens

Texas Doctor Demands Public Hearing

The Texas Medical Board (TMB) wants to revoke the medical license of Dr. Mary Talley Bowden for using an unapproved therapy of treating covid patients with ivermectin. In a private hearing they offered her as “plea deal” if she would agree she was wrong, pay a $5,000 fine, and take remedial medical education.

Bowden refused their offer, saying “everyone of the 5,500 covid patients I treated recovered. None died. The same can’t be said for those who received the approved therapy of waiting until they are deathly sick before going to a hospital where they are put on ventilators until they either recover or die–as more than half did.”

The TMB is particularly aggrieved over the case of Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff Jason Jones who survived after his wife covertly applied ivermectin paste to his skin. TMB member Dr. Julius Noe pointed out that “neither the hospital nor the doctor assigned to Jones’ case approved this treatment, a court ruled that the hospital could not be forced to allow this treatment while the patient was on the premises. Neither could the patient be released in his precarious condition. His resulting recovery violated essential protocols.”

Noe admitted that “there is no evidence that Dr. Bowden was aware of Mrs. Jones actions. However, she did recommend ivermectin to Mrs. Jones and is, therefore, an accessory in her criminal conduct. We have already adjudicated the case and delineated the appropriate punishment. Dr. Bowden’s demand for a public hearing is an unwarranted attempt to embarrass TMB by inviting the public to second-guess our medical decisions.”

In related medical news, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) barred members of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) from hosting a booth at the ACOG conference this week. Ironically, the theme of this year’s conference is “Building Bridges: Creating Connection in Medical Education.” ACOG CEO Dr. Maureen Phipps defended excluding AAPLOG from the conference, saying “preventing a pro-life cult from occupying scarce space and promulgating noxious ideas is necessary if we want to protect the integrity of medical science.”

Dems Worried About Covid

By: John Semmens

Biden COVID response coordinator Ashish Jha says he has “two major worries about a possible uptick in covid that could infect over 100 million Americans by Fall. The increasingly infectious variants mean more people will catch the disease. On the other hand, the diminishment of symptoms means that hardly anyone will realize they are infected.”

“People who don’t realize they are infected won’t feel an urgency to get tested or vaccinated,” he predicted. “The whole pandemic infrastructure will be underutilized. People will be going about their business as if life is normal. Their willingness to obey directives to wear masks, avoid crowds, shun social interactions, spy on their neighbors and report deviant behavior will wither. They may reject supporting the Party that cared for them these past few years and vote Republican in numbers too large to overcome via ballot harvesting. Unbelievers could displace the faithful and engineer a dangerous revival of the way we lived before the pandemic.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci sadly concurred with Jha’s assessment, saying “when covid was killing people by the thousands for week after week we had the people’s attention. They complied with our directives. They shuttered their businesses, wore masks, stopped going to church, did as they were told. The evolution of covid toward a milder disease has broken the bond of trust they put in us. Disbelief dogs our every utterance now. Those of us who have been fighting the pandemic since day one will likely come to regard it as ‘the good old days.’ I shudder to think of what it might be like with Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress. ‘Nightmare’ is the word that keeps reverberating in my brain.”

Kari Lake’s Record Being Tested

Kari Lake recently released a video in which she slams the Biden Administration for the continuation of mask mandates. Lake has called the administration and anyone who is enforcing those mask mandates Tyrants.

Now, we don’t disagree with her. Masks are ineffective and a bad idea except in limited situations but being right or wrong on masks isn’t nearly as bad to voters as being a hypocritt which is what voters are calling Lake lately.

That is because a series of posts from not that long ago have surfaced showing Kari as an avid mask supporter. See below.


Vail School Board Won’t Hear Parents Concerns About Masks

Concerned parents in Vail got the issue of masks on the local school board agenda, but last night board members fled the scene of their meeting instead of hearing out moms and dads. School board members also claimed the parents were “unruly.”

Parents appearing today on Steve Bannon’s War Room television show denied they were unreally. Video backed them up, as they peacefully waited for their opportunity to speak to board members.

Gov. Doug Ducey had removed requirements for school children to wear masks, but the Vail school board refused to even discuss its insistence on face restraints — after agreeing to do so.

Carrie Liebich, author of Victorious Mother: Natural Remedies To Help Your Child Win The Mental Health Battle, told Bannon that prolonged mask requirements are wreaking physiological and psychological havoc on children.

The board members are: President Jon Aitken, Claudia Anderson, Callie Tippett, Allison Pratt and Chris King.

‘We’re Not Taking it Anymore!’: AZ Parents Band Together Against Kid Mask Mandate, Ed Board Runs

April 29, 2021 by Elizabeth

Parents in Vail, Arizona have had enough of the mask tyranny against their kids in school.

Carrie Liebich, a mom and author, joined War Room Thursday to explain how parents simply standing together forced the Board of Education to flee. Liebich said the parents will not stop until they recall board members and end the mask mandate having harmful affects on their kids.

“The parents aren’t backing down, enough is enough,” she said. “We’ve had a 300 percent increase in suicide…and no one child has died from the coronavirus under 20, not one.”Celebrities Who Are Awful Humans in Real Life

The school board called the cops on hundreds of parents there to protest the kid mask mandate. The governor of Arizona cancelled the mask mandate, though the far-left school board president continues to force kids to wear them, even though they are more harmful to their health than covid.

“We stood our ground, very peacefully,” she said. “We were kind and respectful, but we stood there knowing our rights and that we have a right to be heard.”

“And they fled,” Liebich said.

Liebich said the movement began with just two parents. But soon they were overwhelmed with likeminded people of Vail demanding common sense. Libich encourages parents everywhere to do the same.

“Take a stand,” she said. “Find another parent that agrees with you because they’re out there. This started off with just two parents. We had hundreds of parents show.

“We’re fed up,” Liebich said. “They’re out there, you just need to stand.” 

Liebich said the next move is gathering enough signatures to recall and remove at least two board members who are anti-parent choice.

“There is no logic, it’s power and control and they want control over our children,” she said. “And they’ve made it very clear that parents don’t have rights.”

“Our children are dying from your mitigation plan,” she said. “We’re not taking it anymore.”

Stephen K. Bannon said this could be the shot heard round the world.