Conservative McSally Now Trailing Democrat by 512 Votes

Conservative hopeful Martha McSally now trails socialist Ron Barber by 512 votes in the Southern Arizona race for the U.S. House of Representatives. McSally led by a small margin on election night last Tuesday, but as the state vote counting continues, she has lost her lead.

The difference is now 134,860 to 134, 348, Barber.

There are still 80,000 more votes to be counted in Pima County, the most populous portion of Congressional District 2.

Barber is a former aide to Gabby Giffords, the congresswoman who retired after being shot by Jared Loughner. In a special election in June to replace Cong. Giffords, Barber narrowly defeated Republican Jesse Kelly.

Stay tuned as we follow this race, hoping for a conservative victory.

4 responses to “Conservative McSally Now Trailing Democrat by 512 Votes

  1. As of this evening, Martha McSally is now 829 votes behind incumbent Congressman Ron Barter. The vote totals are 136, 785 to 135,956.

  2. Barber upped his lead today over Martha McSally to 943 votes. Bummer.

  3. McSally gained 20 votes today, and now she trails Barber by 923 votes. Doesn’t look good.

  4. After Friday’s vote counting, McSally is down some 1,400 votes. The big upset is slipping away.

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