About The Arizona Conservative

The Arizona Conservative features commonsense posts and is the home of John Semmens’ semi-news, a satirical review of the events shaping our nation and the world. Starting in 2003, we were the first online conservative publication in Arizona.

The Arizona Conservative has been highlighted or mentioned on numerous radio and Internet programs, including Rush Limbaugh and Newsmax.

Our strength is our commentary on social and fiscal issues affecting Arizonans and Americans.

We provide election endorsements for primary and general elections. To gain our endorsement, a candidate should pursue the same principles our educators should be teaching to your children, an uncompromising commitment to

  • the sanctity of human life,
  • a view of the original intent of the U.S. Constitution (as opposed to the Left’s incorrect view of the “living document” that changes to suit radical goals),
  • free enterprise,
  • putting the taxpayers first and carefully and honestly stewarding our money,
  • lower taxes,
  • enforcement of immigration laws. Arizona is a border state, and we must stop drug smugglers from coming in, and we must insist that those wishing to immigrate here do so lawfully through the legal immigration process. We are a nation of immigrants, and we must honor our proud immigration history — while maintaining our integrity as a nation of laws.
  • commitment to marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Anthropologist J.D. Unwin proved that cultures abandoning marriage as the union of one man and one woman suffered decline; we have no excuse for following their folly. To thrive as a culture, we must hold up marriage as the union of a man and a woman as the ideal. We should not promote marriage “counterfeits” — and we should not extract taxes to fund these destructive behaviors. It is not compassionate or ethical to promote the decline of our culture, conceived in liberty and virtue. We as a nation and a state must strive for higher standards, not default to the lowest common denominator.
  • ethics and honesty. These are not relative or arbitrary. Stealing is wrong, killing is wrong, cheating is wrong, victimizing is wrong, abusing is wrong.
  • recognition of the truth about casino gambling: families and marriages are being broken apart by compulsive gambling, which profits off the backs of those who can least afford to waste money that could be paying utility and grocery bills. Ignoring the 8,000-pound elephant in the living room (Arizona is littered with dozens of Gamblers Anonymous groups), people are going to jail for embezzling from their employers to feed their gambling addictions. The negatives of casino gambling and lotteries far out-weight any positives. If gambling is so beneficial, why are poverty, unemployment, domestic violence and alcoholism still highly prevalent in areas around casinos?

Americans have the freedom to engage in behavior that is life-enhancing or self-destructive. But government leaders have no moral justification for forcing taxpayers to subsidize destructive behavior.  Educators have no moral justification for indoctrinating students to experiment in or celebrate destructive behavior. That is not compassion, and it is not the message our citizens and our young people need to hear.

We call on all Arizonans, all Americans to stand with us against the radical, counter-cultural Left, and to oppose the anti-American efforts of Left-Stream Media (don’t call them the mainstream media because they are not) and the American Civil Liberties Union and its campaign of lies and distortion about America’s Founding Fathers and the true meaning of the First Amendment. Religious freedom is intended to prevent government from interfering with religion. Government’s role is not to suppress the influence and presence of religion in the public life of the nation.  Our Founding Fathers believed that religion is the moral guide for our nation — including the government. But today, the government and public education are following a Godless, secular humanist worldview that is destined for failure because it is fatally flawed at its core. In fact, Gilbert and Scottsdale public school districts use curriculum that encourages unethical behavior. It’s no wonder our culture suffers from a moral and ethical crisis. Our schools and our culture should teach people to do the right thing. And it’s no great mystery what the right thing is.

This is not a call for a theocracy, as radical leftists say they fear we’re doing. Instead, it is a call to abandon a failing worldview subscribed to by persons in positions of authority who are forcing it on their constituents and students — to the detriment of our nation and our future. A change of course, a change of worldview represents progress and wisdom.

We must work to select good, virtuous, honest leaders. However, politics is downstream from culture. Our culture is suffering from the damage done by the mass media culture and those with destructive worldviews. We must all work to change this culture for the better. We must work with people who share our values. There is strength in numbers.