Salem Radio Talkers Lampoon Obama’s First 100 Days

I attended the Salem Radio assessment of “Obama’s First 100 Days” Wednesday in Phoenix and picked out a few pertinent points to share with you.  But I’ve got to say that the most poignant remarks that night came not from Michael Medved, Mike Gallagher or Hugh Hewitt. Surprisingly, those came from Dennis Miller on KKNT Patriot Radio on the ride home.

Miller said he’s not a born-again Christian, but it’s wrong when Christians, former military members and their parents are branded with a scarlet letter by the Department of Homeland Security.

Also, Miller chastized the government for gracing “any moron with a sleazy sideshow” by running it up the flag pole and giving it special federal protections.

When people react with alarm to sudden and radical changes to a social order that’s been in place for hundreds of years in the United States, Obama and company should not be surprised. And should cut the people some slack for resisting such drastic changes, Miller said.

The Salem Radio event contrasted Gallagher’s principled conservatism against the soft mushy middle ground occupied by Medved and Hewitt. The moderates both supported Arnold Schwarzenegger for election in the California governor’s race a few years ago (as did Sean Hannity). Even though a real conservative Tom McClintock polled well enough to win.

Medved said people in the 20-30 age range polled much more negatively on the phrase “big government” (only 15 percent approved of it in a Rasmussen poll), compared to an even split over the term “socialism.” “That’s (big government) what we should call it,” Medved said.

Gallagher wasn’t buying that. “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck,” he said of socialism. “I’m going to use ‘socialism’ on my radio program.”

Creating further separation between his two colleagues, Gallagher also urged that the GOP rid itself of RINOs and others like Sen. Arlen Specter, a pro-abortion defector to the Democrats recently. Hewitt is all about a center-right coalition big tent. Medved previously indicated supported amnesty for illegals in the form of President George W. Bush’s guest worker program.

Hewitt instead urged support for TALK.PAC, a political action committee working to elect center-right candidates in 2010 and mobilize grassroots opposition to harmful policies coming out Washington.

A remark by Medved drew a rousing ovation: “The idea that government owns you  is slavery and tyranny, and that idea needs to be defeated.”

Hewitt is focusing this month of the coming government control of health insurance. He guaranteed that within five years, we will all suffer the peril of rationing of doctoral care. The horrors of socialistic medical treatment were laid out well on Hewitt’s Thursday afternoon interview of Mark Steyn.

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