Over the Top Religious Discrimination in Phoenix

A member of the clergy in Phoenix today received a suspended sentence of 10 days in jail and three years probation today for violating a Phoenix noise ordinance.  Bishop Rick Painter’s church, the Cathedral of Christ the King, got into this mess because of its bells which ring on the hour from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening.

The city provides an exemption for noisy ice cream trunks, and the city transit buses roaring, grinding and screeching past the church create much greater nuisances.  But Phoenix isn’t taking them to court.

The bells at the Cathedral of Christ the King normally chime at a modest 67 decibels from the nearest property line.  The judge ordered the chimes to be toned down to just 60 decibels.

Was this really justifiable? In a city with 7,500 gang members and nightly shootings? And heavy trafficking in drugs and illegal immigrants?

No. No. No.

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