Wanted: New Congressman for Arizona’s Sixth District

Congressional Classifieds: Arizonans living in District 6 seek a true-blue conservative candidate for the 2010 primary and general elections. Candidate will consistently stand strong for America’s traditional values and fight hard to oppose the radical Left.

The current occupant of this seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, Jeff Flake, has met those requirements many times, but not consistently on key issues. In fact, he’s established a growing pattern of failing to vote correctly on fundamental issues, and he does not deserve a sixth term. A new Republican or candidate from the newly organization Arizona Constitution Party will more than adequately fill the bill.

Just this week, Flake joined with six Republicans and the Democrats to support a resolution disapproving of South Carolina congressman Joe Wilson’s actions during a recent presidential address. Flake admitted his “suspicion that this resolution was driven as much by partisan politics as upholding precedent,” but opted to support the Democrats’ efforts to distract attention away from their radical, socialist agenda.

Flake has done more that is troubling. He voted for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), a critical building block to the pro-homosexual special rights agenda set forth by the radical homosexual pressure group, the Human Rights Campaign. As law, this bill would punish employers – including churches – that do not hire or recognize the “sexual orientation” or “perceived gender” of employees and applicants. Apparently, Flake does not understand that ENDA is a serious threat to religious freedom.

Furthermore, Flake did not cast a vote earlier this year against the radical Cap & Trade bill that passed by just seven votes and which needed every vote possible to defeat it. Cap & Trade will severely harm American industry, driving jobs overseas to nations with less restrictive government intervention. It’s also based on the faulty assumption of the myth of so-called “global warming,” a radical enviro movement.

The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Data Analysis found that the average per-family-of-four energy costs rise by $2,979 per year. In the year 2035 alone, the cost is $4,609. And the costs per family for the whole energy tax aggregated from 2012 to 2035 are $71,493.

Finally, Flake is well known for supporting amnesty rather than stemming the flow of illegal aliens across the U.S. border. He is part of a congressional body that has refused to make meaningful change to protect American citizens from this invasion.

In fairness, Flake can always be counted on to vote the right way on sanctity of life bills. But he has done too much damage to earn endorsement for re-election in 2010.

Is there a qualified candidate out there?

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