McCain’s ‘Seizure World’ Comment Comes Back to Haunt Him

Conservative J.D. Hayworth will conclude his statewide media tour announcing his Republican primary challenge to 24-year incumbent John McCain at Leisure World, a senior community McCain infamously dubbed “seizure world.” 

The Leisure World event will take place on February 17th at 908 S. Power Road, Mesa, AZ 85206.

Prior to becoming a 73-year old senior himself McCain derided the well-known retirement community.
“Most of the people coming here are not senior citizens moving to Leisure World, I mean Seizure World, I mean, uh, Sun City…I mentioned Seizure World a moment ago…the last election in 1984, 97% of them came out to vote. I think the other 3% were in intensive care.”

According to a member of the audience, McCain characterized seniors as a group “that makes demands without contributing.” (Source: Casa Grande Dispatch | Casa Grande, Arizona | Friday, June 20, 1986)  

“From Tea Parties in Tennessee to Tea Parties in Leisure World, this campaign is about mobilizing conservatives who have no interest in granting election-day amnesty to an inconsistent incumbent who calls himself a ‘maverick,’ but who is really a moderate,” Hayworth said.  

A new website — — has debuted in support of the announcement tour.  More information about Hayworth and his challenge to the moderate McCain will be released Thursday morning. The announcement tour will start at 10am on Monday, February 15th from the campaign’s new headquarters in north Phoenix.  The address is 3129 E. Cactus Rd. Suite 31, Phoenix, Arizona 85028.

Since leaving his radio talk show to pursue this conservative challenge, Hayworth has already garnered endorsements, donations and grassroots enthusiasm across the state and country.    

Vulnerable to the more conservative Hayworth on taxes, social issues and illegal immigration, McCain has resorted to attacking Hayworth on spending, despite Hayworth having a better lifetime rating from Citizens Against Government Waste.  

McCain also voted for the $850 billion bailout of the big banks which included $150 billion in pork, proposed a $300 billion bailout for mortgage lenders and vigorously supported an amnesty bill in 2007 that would have, according to the Heritage Foundation, cost taxpayers $2.6 trillion over the long-term.

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