Profiting from the Danger to Arizona’s Children

This week’s news out of California of a young girl brutally attacked and killed in a public park is one more painful reminder that too many sex offenders are lurking like sharks and taking a devastating toll on innocent citizens.

These people should not be let out of prison. It should be a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy.

Being that penal systems are far too lenient with sexual offenders, it’s up to citizens to be informed and wary.

One way to do is to use the Internet to find out if there are sexual predators living in your neighborhood. Much of this information is available to the public online and without charge.

The State of Arizona is not one of them. It costs $25 to look up the information.

Aside from the actual amount of the cost, it’s a bad principle to make people pay for information that can be used to protect the lives of their children.

This fee needs to be removed.

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