Political Roundup: Sen. Allen Rallying for Border Security

Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Border Security and State Sovereignty, along with Senators David Stevens, Gail Griffin, Frank Antenori and Al Melvin are rallying for border security Monday at 11:30 am. at the State Capitol. They plan to deliver a response to left-wing Sen. Steve Gallardo’s (D) public advocacy of open borders and opposition to development of an Arizona State Guard to secureArizona’s border.

Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney is also rallying support for border security. He’s concerned about ongoing cross-border criminal activity, rampant drug and human smuggling, human-rights violations and illegal entrance into theU.S. by people with potential Mid-Eastern terrorist ties.

Haney says violations ofU.S.and state laws are costing theArizonataxpayers millions of dollars that we do not have and cannot afford” “Additionally,Arizonais the only border state without a State Guard. The lack of a State Guard leaves a giant void in our States law enforcement community’s ability to counter the myriad of illegal acts perpetrated upon the citizens of this state. Never in our recent state history has support of this legislation been so critical for the safety and security of the citizens of this great state.”

Southern Arizona Citizens Continue without Representation

Due to the tragic shooting massacre that left six people dead and wounded Cong. Gabrielle Giffords and several others wounded, the citizens of theSouthern Arizonacongressional district have gone without representation for 378 days. The deadline for filing nominating petitions is May 30, and there still is no word whether Cong. Giffords can continue to serve or not.

Who’ll Replace Former Sen. Bundgaard?

A crowd is forming in pursuit of the the Arizona Senate (Legislative District 4) seat vacated by former Sen. Scott Bundgaard who resigned earlier this month over his road rage controversy.  Among the candidates for the 2012 Republican Primary are:

  • State Rep. Judy Burges, who will be term-limited out of the House at the end of the year. Rep. Burges is a true conservative and is a two-time legislator of the year, a “champion of the      taxpayer,” “friend of the family,” and won several other honors.
  • Eric Spencer, a precinct committeeman. An attorney, Spencer is an Army veteran who won the Bronze Star and other honors while serving as a captain inIraq. He previously chaired theUniversity of Arizona Republicans club.
  • Tony Bouie, a precinct committeeman, former NFL player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and past candidate for the Arizona Legislature. He was the original plaintiff in the Goldwater Institute lawsuit against the matching funds portion of the socialistic Clean Elections Act struck down by the Supreme Court last year.
  • Former State Rep. Jerry Overton (1992-2000), a sheriff’s posse volunteer and married to the same woman, Grace, for 53 years.
  • David Livingston, a small business owner who favors a secure border, the Second Amendment, school choice, and opposes amnesty, bailouts and excessive government regulation.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors will select a replacement to complete Bundgaard’s current, unfinished term. They’ll choose a list of three names: Rep. Burges, Spencer, and Lyle Tuttle.

CAP-Supported Bills

The Center for Arizona Policy is supporting passage of two new education bills this year:

  • Tax Credit; School Tuition Organizations: SB 1047 – Creates a new tax credit that allows Arizona taxpayers to increase contributions to school tuition organizations, and focuses on funding new scholarship awards for children currently on waiting lists.  Sen. Murphy [Fact Sheet] [Read the Bill]
  • School Tuition Organizations; Credits; Administration: SB 1048 – Makes technical changes to Arizona’s scholarship tax credit programs allowing faster scholarship awards to students on waiting lists and more efficient school tuition organization operation. Sen. Murphy [Fact Sheet] [Read the Bill]

Annual State Republicans’ Meeting

Arizona precinct committeemen will hold their annual meeting Saturday, Jan. 28 at the Church for the Nations inPhoenix.

2012 Key Election Dates

Jan. 30 – Voter Registration Deadline, Presidential Primary
Feb. 2 – Presidential Primary Early Balloting Begins
Feb. 28 – Presidential Primary Election
July 30 – Voter Registration Deadline, Primary Election
Aug. 2 – Primary Early Balloting Begins
Aug. 28 – Primary Election
Oct. 8 – Voter Registration Deadline, General Election
Oct – 11 – General Election Early Balloting Begins
Nov – 6 – General Election

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