Who’s Really Warring on Science, Democrats or Republicans?

Have you heard the claim that Republicans are against science? Warring against science?

That’s what many Democrats are saying. Of course! They’re Democrats! They’re in constant spin mode.

Well they opened this door, so let’s walk through it.

Democrats are the people who say a pre-born baby is not human. It’s just a glob of tissue.

But through the use of ultrasound machines, we know that a 21-day old pre-born child has a heartbeat. Embryologists and embryology text books say human life begins at conception.

Democrats are the people who say pre-born babies feel no pain when an abortionist rips their arms and legs off and mutilates them to death.

But scientific technology show us that babies feel horrific pain during these premeditated attacks. The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, an abortionist who gave up the grisly practice, demonstrated that children who died in abortion mills scream out in pain!

Democrats are the people who claim evolution is settled matter, and it’s the only way life could have begun.

But today we have DNA and we have mapped the human genome, and we know scientifically that life that does not evolve and DNA doesn’t change its stripes. IfDarwincould wake up from his long “slumber” today, he’d laugh at his folly. And marvel at how science demonstrates the fraud that the theory of evolution really is.

Democrats are also the people who tell paraplegics they are going to walk again because of embryonic stem cell research. Remember Ron Reagan Jr. crowing about this at the DNC national convention a few years ago? It’s non-scientific, insensitive, and unethical to give people false hopes.

Scientists have found embryonic stem cells unstable. They cause tumors. Adult stem cells are used in the treatment of more than 70 illnesses and diseases.

Democrats are the people telling us so-called “global warming” is settled matter and the debate is over.

Real, actual science says the debate is not over. And the scientific research does not support the Democrats. Satellite technology and investigative science reveal deep, disturbing flaws in the Warmer’s theories. Email technology proves they’ve been cooking the books and engaging in withholding information showing the opposite of their claims is true.

Democrats are the people telling us people are “born homosexual” and change is not possible.

Their source – Dr. Dean Hamer, a molecular scientist and a homosexual – said his research in 1993 actually did not prove the existence of a “gay gene.” But news arbitrary to Democrats’ preferred slant doesn’t travel fast; it is covered up fast. And repeated for years, even decades.

Democrats won’t acknowledge the thousands of changed people in the United States. Same-sex attraction is not a fixed state. It has an environmental precursor. People change their minds and their behaviors.

So there you have it. Democrats are giving science a real bad name.


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