Rush: Obama Didn’t Cave!

Today on Rush Limbaugh:

Everybody’s reporting that Obama’s caving on this mandate that the Catholic services provide abortion and all. There’s not a cave here!  There may be an accommodation, but there’s no big cave-in here.  It’s still the government mandating this stuff happen.  They’re just changing the provider. It’s not done by the church. He says he gave them a way out of it by mandating the insurance companies do it, but that’s not the point here.

My point here is, ladies and gentlemen, we are losing freedom and liberty inch by inch.  It’s not being taken — well, in some cases it is, but in most cases it’s not being taken from us in giant grabs.  It’s little by little by little such that people don’t even see it.  It doesn’t even register.  Let me start with the AP version of the Obama story.  “Retreating in the face of a political uproar, President Barack Obama on Friday will announce that religious…”

He’s supposed to do it in five or six minutes now, right in the middle of this program. President Obama “on Friday will announce that religious employers will not have to cover birth control for their employees after all, The Associated Press has learned. The administration instead will demand that insurance companies will be the ones directly responsible for providing free contraception.” And we’re supposed to applaud this?  We’re supposed to think that we have emerged with a big victory here?  Obama can mandate that we buy insurance, and now Obama can mandate what insurance companies must offer — and after mandating what insurance companies must offer, then Obama can mandate what insurance companies can charge for it?

Freedom doesn’t mean anything to this guy!  Freedom doesn’t mean anything to this regime or this administration.  To me, this is breathtaking.  This is an incredible sight to behold here.  So Obama is said to “offer a compromise proposal that is respectful of religious concerns,” and everybody’s applauding today.  Now, look at this.  The right to religious liberty in this context is unequivocal in our country and in the Constitution.  It’s right there in the Bill of Rights.  Since when does a president have the power to threaten to issue a rule gutting religious liberty?  That’s the first thing.  And, by the way, I don’t think any of this a mistake.

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