Schweikert Would Make an Excellent U.S. Senator

Cong. David Schweikert has clearly established himself as Arizona’s most effective congressional lawmaker. He’s well-reasoned, fair-minded and puts the country first. Schweikert would make an excellent U.S. Senator.

He should run for the Senate seat vacated by the retiring Sen. Jon Kyl, and here’s why:

First, Schweikert is the right man for the job and deserves a promotion.

Second, Schweikert will beat Cong. Jeff Flake, an official candidate and the hand-picked man of John McCain and Kyl, in the Republican Primary.

Third, Schweikert can win a statewide election against the Democrat nominee – probably by a wide margin.

Fourth, Schweikert’s congressional district can be retained by fellow Republican Cong. Ben Quayle. With the re-districting of the congressional districts, Schweikert and Quayle both reside in the same district. Rep. Quayle is no Schweikert, but he’ll represent the district well.

8 thoughts on “Schweikert Would Make an Excellent U.S. Senator

  1. pbaz

    The only person this would help would be Quayle. Schweikert doesn’t have the time and resources at this point to switch to the Senate race and beat Flake. Flake would beat him by a big margin.

  2. arizona today

    Schweikert accomplished more in 1 year in Congress than Flake did in 11. Schweikert will excite the base in a way Flake can’t. Schweikert can actually articulate conservativism instead of apologizing for it like Flake does.

  3. arizona today

    The jury is still very much out on Flake being able to win a statewide election. If he’s the nominee, many Republicans will hold their nose while voting.

  4. Emmanuel Rafiq

    Flake supported Obama on homosexuals in the military, offending conservatives and normal-thinking people everywhere.

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  8. arizona today

    It’s unlikely at this late date that Schweikert will jump into the Senate race. But when Sen. McCain hangs it up, Schweikert would be a natural for that Senate seat.

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