Grijalva, Pastor Vote for ‘Death Panel’

Arizona’s two socialist members of Congress — Democrats Ed Pastor and Raul Grijalva — voted FOR the so-called death panels in a House vote Thursday.  The U.S. House of Representatives voted 223-181 to abolish the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a panel of unelected officials who would hold the power of allowing or denying medical treatment under the authority of ObamaCare.

Despite socialist denials, ObamaCare will include rationing. For example, senior citizens could be denied treatment by IPAB due to their age. ObamaCare as structured will contribute to the culture of death in America.

All of Arizona’s Republican congressmen voted against the death panels.

The defeat of IPAB is unlikely to pass the socialist-controlled U.S. Senate. But the Republicans did one of the most important things they were sent to Washington in 2010 to do: fight ObamaCare, a huge, socialist boondoggle which will raise insurance costs and remove personal control of medical treatment for Americans.

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