Bruce Ash: Obama’s Careless Comments about Supreme Court

By Bruce Ash, Arizona’ National Committeeman to the Republican National Committee

In recent history there has not been a more unthinking judicial comment made by a sitting president about a pending case being considered by the Supreme Court than President Obama’s Rose Garden remarks warning the justices against judicial advocacy that would be “an un precedented , extraordinary step” to overturn “the STRONG majority of Congress” who passed ObamaCare. The bill was passed by one party and the law is even more unpopular today.

Did Barack Obama , a former editor of the Harvard Law Review and a constitutional professor, forget Marbury v Madison? Certainly he taught Marbury to his students. Would the president also be opposed to the judicial activism of the high court in Brown v Board of Education or Roe v Wade? Of course not, but he warns the justices against such action by this court. I’ll bet this earns at least one swing vote against him he can’t afford.

Obama admonished the justices to consider the “human element” in this case. Perhaps in addition to not being much of a constitutional scholar he also forgets his Old Testament. Exodus says we are not to favor a poor man in judgement. When you take the human into account then you lose justice and promote social justice. That is the judicial view of the left and the essence of ObamaCare.

When Barack Obama warned there would be a political price by overturning “The Affordable Healthcare and Patient Protection Act” was he warning the justices on the high court or American voters? The case against ObamaCare highlights the reality that our next president will nominate from one to three new Justices. The decision on ObamaCare will demonstrate the most compelling argument against a second term for Barack Obama is all about judges.

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