Flake Refuses to Discourage Negative Super PAC Campaign Ads against Cardon

By Wil Cardon
Candidate for U.S. Senate

Over the past few years, America has seen the face of elections change drastically. Unfortunately, some of these changes give unbalanced power to outside third party groups to dramatically and negatively impact the outcome of local elections. Exactly one week ago, I asked Congressman Flake to join me in a quest to keep the U.S. Senate primary race unfettered, unencumbered and balanced by attempting to eliminate the negative interference from Super PACs or other third party groups. I call this initiative the Arizona First Pledge.

The Arizona First Pledge offers common sense solutions that would hold both Congressman Flake and me accountable if any third party groups campaign on our behalf. It pledges that if any Super PAC or third party group interferes in this race, Congressman Flake or I must pay 50 percent of the total amount spent on our behalf by the third party to the charity of our opponent’s choice. It has been one week, and Congressman Flake has yet to respond. While I am still holding out faith that Jeff will put the voters of Arizona first over his Washington insider buddies, I encourage you to support this idea which protects Arizona voters. The election for our next U.S. Senator must be about the citizens of Arizona and their issues and not the interests of lobbyists, special interest Super PACs and Washington big money. Please join me in asking Congressman Flake why he won’t put Arizona voters first and sign the pledge. We have only a few months left in the primary race. It is time Jeff puts the Washington politics aside and focuses on Arizona.

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